Is it illegal in Taiwan to display a PRC flag?


I ask this question because of a photo caption of Kinmen in the following article:

The caption reads, “The flags of Taiwan and China displayed on Muo Fan Street, the only street in Taiwan where the flags can be waved together.

I find this hard to believe.


I see those weird pro-PRC groups waving Chinese flags around all the time, and I don’t see them getting arrested for it. Maybe the article meant that the two flags being waved together is something you don’t see anywhere else.


Maybe you’re right. The particular wording, though, seems misleading to me.


FAIK it seems ok to have PRC flags in Taiwan but the opposite is not true

Waving ROC flags in China would cause a stir


5 minutes from my house


Waving ROC flags in China will get you arrested and/or beaten. Probably both in some order.

We have a pesky red car decorated with PRC’s flags, car wailing some Communist chant over loudspeakers, which comes by as the rush hour after work reaches its peak, so he will be stuck in front of the building some 15 minutes. It is really grinding my gears.


An update: I sent a note to the publishers of this article, and they updated the caption :slight_smile:


People had proposed to ban the PRC flag yet the Ministry of Justice stated that it would be a violation of free speech and the principle of legal certainty.


Quick! Someone tell those people that since it’s not illegal to wave the PRC flag, they can wave it too…on fire.


I saw a political demonstration with both China and Soviet Union flag, I posted it on Facebook or something but I can’t find it. It was a political demonstration in Ximen and they had all kinds of stuff of Japanese war criminals, Tsai Engwen is an American b—— and stuff like that.


Better to be an American buddy than a communist.