Is it legal to discriminate against non-taiwanese when giving out free crap to customers

So I was looking for a yoga studio to join and I searched out this place:

Which looks a bit over the top for a yoga studio but has a buttload of classes that looked interesting to me.

I clicked over to the “預約體驗” (“sign up for a trial”) link to which they said NT500 would get you some eucalyptus disinfectant crap (valued at NT800! :roll_eyes: ) and, if you register, “NT$7,200 worth of yoga pants, classes, and other gifts” (入會還加贈瑜珈褲及價值NT$7,200課程等入會好禮,快來體驗瑜珈的美好!)

But then I scrolled down to the part that said “本項優惠僅提供給台灣區居民” (“This offer is only available to Taiwanese”). They even require an ID for this trial class, not that I’d pass as Taiwanese.

So I don’t love free stuff (and I really hate trial-sized beauty products), but seeing that the offer was only available to Taiwanese kinda got my blood boiling. It especially pissed me off cuz there aren’t any travelers just passing through Taipei looking for free shit/discounted trial classes at the moment. Anyone signing up for classes here right now lives here.

So I want to know if that’s legal? Like, is there someone who can point me towards a law that says “businesses can/can’t offer products/services only to Taiwanese people”? I don’t want to spend my money at a place that blatantly discriminates against foreigners, so I have no intention of fighting them on this and then trying to take classes there, but I would like to give them an earful and a one star review on every platform for open discrimination. It’d be nice if I can report them to the oh-so-helpful government while I’m at it.

Thanks for any knowledge that anyone has!

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I’m not quite sure if you understand this or not, but it says “Taiwan residents”, which I would assume would include foreigners residing here.

But you said they require an ID? A shenfenzheng, definitely?

“ * 上課當天請自備運動服、身分證件,其它如:瑜珈墊或上課需要之相關輔具及毛巾、沐浴用品、置物櫃等會館均會提供。”

In my experience, “居民” means “citizen”

身分證件 isn’t just 身份證,or it would definitely say that as a rule. I’d go with my ARC expecting to get it.

居民 means resident, 公民 is citizen.

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I might do that. Sign up and show up and if they tell me I can’t have it pull out the video recording and ask them to explain why. We’ll have to wait a few weeks though. I’m waiting on my ARC renewal, so who knows when I’ll have that in hand again…

I could have sworn ibon had “居民” and “外國居民" for plane ticket purchases. But yeah, 公民 is citizen, so their wording on the website would technically make me eligible :crazy_face:

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Yeah if it turns out that’s the deal it will be a lot of fun, or at least good language practice :slight_smile: But I would be really surprised. That righteous indignation would fuel my response if so :slight_smile:

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If it doesn’t work you’ll have to take the hero @Marco along to sort it out. That’s assuming he doesn’t already have yoga pants, of course.


That is a little weird, I would think it might say “台灣居民” and “非台灣居民” if it were like I am saying.

Is it really possible to have too many yoga pants? :thinking:

Depends on your body type.

Leggins seem to be superior