Is it legal to show flags at house gate/on the car?

Is it legal in Taiwan? E. G. Hanging a Taiwanese and another country flags together at my house gate or on my car?

Just seen this…

Ok, but prc is of course the enemy of the existence of Taiwan itself. And apart feelings I don’t see legal references in this article.

Sorry nothing legal in there. Just as a reference point that showing flags, even the arch enemy’s, seems either not illegal or not bring prosecuted.

I hope someone else like @yyy can chime in with the legal side.

wow chinese must be mega triggered by this. nice!

It is not forbidden in Taiwan.


Google translation is

The Ministry of Justice responded today that the proposal was not in conformity with the Constitution to guarantee the freedom of expression of the people, and therefore “not accepted.”

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Well people have those EU flag thinghies as fashion. And the friggin swatztika.

We have a lot of rainbow flags in the hood.

Unlike Singapore, Taiwan is a free country. Nobody cares if you hang the flag of another country outside your house… unless it’s the flag of China, which may piss people off. But it’s not illegal.


It’s silly nonsense like that that put me off ever trying Singapore as a residence option. Joyless and weird place, it is. Yes, law and order is good, but you don’t have to have laws about everything.

Do people really fly PRC flags here? I’ve never seen such a thing. Don’t see a problem with it though. Just gives us something to laugh at.


It has a lot more joy than you may think. Also, I’m very new here, but the people look to be much more varied in personal expression through clothes, hair, body art, etc in Singapore than Taipei. I absolutely loved my years in Singapore (except the prohibition pot).

I get the impression people make their own entertainment behind closed doors (rather like Muslim countries). Back when I was single, I noticed there were a lot of Singaporeans on the, um, dating websites.

I can certainly understand why some people like it there. Just doesn’t suit me personally.

One guy has been doing it for years on his car.