Is it possible to find a more American-style doctor's office in Taichung, Taiwan?

I moved to Taiwan a few months ago and have had to go to the clinics a few times for minor problems. While the health clinics seem to do a great job giving out affordable health care for many people, I miss the more personal approach of doctors in the U.S.

In my experience at health clinics, it seems that doctors don’t take much time with you before making a diagnosis. It also seems that the treatment is more based on symptoms than any particular illness. Finally, I have had some issues communicating with the clinic doctors I have seen becasue my Chinese is not very good and they do not appear to understand English very well.

I am particularly worried that I may have a medical problem in the future which needs to be dealt with in a more comprehensive, holistic way. I think it might help if there was a general practice doctor who knew more of my medical history, and who I could see for regular check-ups and advice if need be.

Is there any way to find something like this in or near Taichung? Also, do you have any personal recommendations on doctors who work with a lot of ex-pats, doctors who have spend significant time in America/outside of Asia, or simply doctors with very fluent English?

Thanks :smiley:

Go to a hospital and pick the doctor / specialist you want to see. Tends to be more thorough and personalized. Same cost. Thank you NHI.