Is it possible to get paid for buxiban work before payday?

I’m in a little bit of a situation. I’m an APRC holder so I work as a freelancer. I have two jobs, one being an online translator which makes up 90% of my income and the other being a part-time English teacher at a buxiban. My translation job pays me to my American debit card and my English teaching job pays me to my Taiwanese account. The problem is; I need to pay my rent and my American card just expired around the holiday season when the mail is super slow so I haven’t gotten the new one yet. The card should be here any day now but I’m not sure when. I’ve looked into options like Western Union to transfer money from my American account to my Taiwanese account. The payday for my English teaching job is on the 10th of next month. I was wondering how outrageous would it be to ask my boss to pay me for the hours I already worked now instead of waiting until payday? Has anyone had any luck doing this?

I do it all the time. Never been a problem. Depends on your boss, I suppose.


An advance on your salary is a generally recognized concept. They can only say no.

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this may be all.

Or, you could ask to your landlord to wait till the 10th. Depends on your landlord.


Cool, thanks guys. It’s such a silly situation that I got myself into. Good to know that it’s a common thing to ask. I should have expected mail to be slow for the holidays and withdrew more money. My landlord wouldn’t wait unfortunately. So I guess if this doesn’t work, I’m going to try my luck transferring the money with western union or hopefully the card comes in the next day or so.

It is good to have some sort of readily available reserve to cover cost for a few months, if you don’t have anyone who can back you up. :2cents:


The landlord can’t do anything regardless. It takes a lot of time on kick someone out. You’ll have gotten your new card and paid the rent by then.


Just an update on this, my boss agreed to pay me for the hours I worked. Should pay my rent and hold me over for the next few days until my card comes. Thanks for all the help everyone!

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