Is it the employer's obligation to give release papers to a foreign employee?

Is it my employers obligation to give me a release paper if i request for it ?

Have you checked with the Council of Labor Affairs, 1955 Hotline (of the Ministry if Labor), or MECO Labor office? This sounds like something they might have experience with

Many years ago, when I ended my time working for CETRA (now TAITRA), I was employed as a temp on a permanent basis. To get a letter that indicated I used to work at CETRA, I had to go to my manpower agency (which was actually called Manpower, I think)

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Yes, they should issue a contract termination letter (離職證明書) or employment certificate with the termination date (服務證明書), if there is an agreement on the contract termination.

As @GooseEgg said, you could ask it to your agent if you have. If you are directly hired, you ask to your employer directly. If you have any difficulty, you can consult with Labor department in your city, or call to the hot line.


Is there any chance that my employer will not give me a release paper as requested ?? Lets say i request for release paper … is there any chance they will say NO?

Because i am the one who’s going to break my contract not them terminating me … and there is some brokers that i am talking to they say they will get me new employer if i have a release paper

And may i ask if the release paper and transfer paper is the same ?

If your employer agrees to your contract termination, or if there is a reason you can terminate the contract without your employer’s agreement, they should issue the contract termination letter. If there is no such reason and they don’t agree to your contract termination, they can say NO.

Did you call to 1955? It is free and 24hr.

Oh … but sir is it possible for my employer to say no if i want to break my contract ?

If there is a reason you can terminate the contract without their agreement, they cannot say no. The reasons are such as they don’t pay for overtime work, order you to do something not in the contract, deduct something not in the contract, harass you, etc.

If there is no such reason, they can say no to terminate your contract, and if you still break the contract, they will report you as a missing laborer, and your ARC will be canceled.

You can call to the hotline to ask if your situation allows you terminate the contract without employer’s agreement.