Is it time to try (internet based) Local English Radio Again?

I was a fan of ICRT in the 90s when it meant "Community". That live voice holding our hands and giving advice through Typhoons and other potentially disastrous situations 24/7 was like a warm blanket on a cold day. I know this could never happen again but I enjoyed the over night voice of "hot chocolate" live in the studio talking to other insomniacs. Here's the proposal: Since 4 G is finally affordable it has almost replaced my car radio we could probably say we no longer need an RF presence. This radio station could start like other famous stations did as a service a publisher like Formosa. Perhaps it could start with three to six hours a day with programs originating from the Hosts homes and some amateur news people could volunteer to go on during bad weather or emergencies like the Great Explosions of Kaohsiung when ICRT was in ROBO Mode leaving me feeling clueless and abandoned.
I guess the biggest problem is how to make some revenue to pay for the hosts` time and how to get permission to use and play music without going broke.
Just floating an idea.


I think there is enough Taiwan-related content for foreigners in online news, podcasts, YouTube channels, Forumosa et al, and easily accessible music that fills the needs that ICRT used to fill. There are some niche online radio stations that are successful, but those with live hosts are usually more of a passion project than a commercial venture. I liked-ish IRCT years ago, but I outgrew the music and I always thought the hosts were annoying.

Could someone share a SW radio station or anything for English Taiwan emergency news that works when the power is down? AIT only has a cell phone list. Thanks in advance

Yes, there is and no there isn’t. At least not when and where it matters. Seriously, I really needed that warm soothing voice that told us normal common sense things my first Typhoon experience on the Island and other major and minor disasters.
Do you remember the big Kaohsiung night of the many gas explosions in Kaohsiung? There was something seriously wrong with the natural gas distribution system that night. Gas pipes were exploding, fires coming out of manhole covers, craters opening up in the streets. All I could do is watch Chinese TV watching the video streams front view cameras of people speeding to get out of the area. I just heard “Chinese Chinese, fire ball, scream…” ICRT, Robo happy music. There is a transmitter and studio in Kaohsiung. Heck anyone admin should have been able to call into the station control and start a live telephone broadcast. That is what any decent American Radio Station would do. I come from a family of Radio buffs and pioneers. Ham Radio etc. We expect the reporter to or station owner to get on line no matter what. War of the Worlds Style… Disgrace. Maybe there should be on call Forumosans to help with such broadcasts as long as the 4 g internet structure holds out.

It isn’t an American radio station and no reason to think ICRT has a higher calling. It’s just a business like any other business. Trying to make money.

An internet-based station that can be helping in an emergency would be great as long as everyone has power. But then they would need to determine how to get accurate timely information in English

For pleasant music , you could listen to my postings on the ,”what are you listening to “ thread :joy: Meanwhile …

You are right tango42.
But really not too long ago, you were undeniably, totally and pathetically off base and wrong. And I’m not talking about when it was American Arm Forces Radio.
They actually reprimanded some hosts for speaking too much Chinese.
Btw, as far as I know ICRT is under a special charter to serve the international community as a nonprofit.
I say, that charter should be challenged. Make it a commercial station or change management. Formosa is now the main trustee of our well-being.
Btw… CB radio and Ham radio is legal and open to all residents.
The down side is the Ham Test is all in Chinese and devoid of all international symbols like ohm, or letters (E=IxR). So it’s very hard to fudge. Anyone interested in studying for the ticket or getting on CB, should form a group. I’m in.

Sorry if I wasn’t clear. I meant content in terms of what I mentioned, few of which are useful in an emergency. To do that, you need a single service to cover all or most of it, which ICRT used to be. But that’s outdated and it’s not coming back. The other services have sucked out the profitability, so we lose community services like warnings. Honestly, if there’s an emergency, I go here. No one is particularly soothing, but last time there was a 4am presidential alert I didn’t understand I just opened Forumosa and saw the earthquake post at the top, clicked it and read “Did you feel it?” and went back to sleep. Someone here is always awake. It’s not a replacement for community announcements, though.
For a real emergency, phone a friend. Terrestrial radio isn’t dead yet, but foreigners are too small of a niche with all the parallel services. An internet based station isn’t hard to start. Content to keep people listening is hard to source, though. A better idea might be a Taiwan related FB page with live feeds. K-man and his bald buddy are already doing something like that, running around with phones reporting random “news”. I don’t follow it, but K-man self-promotes so much it’s hard to miss. I don’t know if they would do emergency broadcasts, but you can suggest it and that’s about as good as it’s going to get.

From Wiki, under the heading Criticism:

You make a good point. While you’re at it, why don’t you petition to see if anyone can get your Blankey and Teddy BoBo back for you as well??

Its no better try to learn and understand mandarin.