Is it true we can get tax forms from the U.S. embassy?

If so, where is it?

Yes, I think you can. Although, if you’re posting on forumosa, and thus have internet access, you can just as easily go to

Confirm that ALL USA Tax forms and info are available for DL at that web site.

And its AIT here on the island. No real “Embassy” thing here.

One in Taipei and one in Kaoshiung. I do’t know where you are located, but if possible I highly reccomend the one in aoshiung rather than the screaming nut-shack(its what you will do) in Taipei.

The easiest way to get IRS tax froms is at this site:
There you can download PDF files with ‘fill-in’ capability.

Les Edelman
U.S. tax services for Americans overseas