Is Java becoming a cup of POO?

In the early days I used to program in Java, and I thought it was cool.
These days the closest I get to Java is when I install the JRE so I can do internet banking etc.
But lately, I have noticed that installing Java is a right royal PITA. Usually the install fails or hangs or takes literally half an hour to finish.
I am going off it pretty quickly as I have these hassles on different machines, different specs etc.

Then there was tonight. On one machine, Firefox died - Odd. It wouldn’t load the home page (which includes an applet). hang, and I mean REALLY hang. No task manager even for a while.
Then IE does exactly the same thing…wow. A quick reboot and I notice there is a JRE error log text file on my desktop. I figure the problem is with the JRE, I go to sun, install the latest version and no problems since.
So, and hour later. I am on the laptop this time and EXACTLY the same damn thing happens. Firefox won’t work anymore.

Is Java having some issues these days?

I haven’t kept up with Java in a long time.

Java 5.0 (1.5) is a very big update and it will probably take some time before it’s as stable as 1.4.

If anything about Java is POO, it’s J2EE. I haven’t done much of it but it seems much more complex than it needs to be.

I’ve been having a similar issue, didn’t think it was related to Java though. I’ll definitely check it out. Java 5.0’s new time features are a godsend for me though, and worth the new release.

My biggest peeve w. Sun Java atm is that each new installer seems to leave larger residue. The residue being some .msi and other installer files that are friggin huge. And not just one copy.