Is Language Exchnge Suppose to be locked?

Well, is it? Seeing as I’m the mod and all I should probably know these things (no, I did not “get the memo”) :blush:

All the “old” classifieds have been replaced with Forumosafieds, except for “Forumosans for Hire” and “Volunteering in Taiwan”. Language Exchange can now be found in the personals section:

EDIT: See my post below - gus.

Then why hasn’t it been moved to the Forumosafieds category listing like the other “old” classifieds have been.

Old ads can’t be moved. But if you were to look inside Forumosafieds, you would see that there indeed is a Language Exchange category. Here’s one for you:

EDIT: see my post below - gus.

Can you guys please not stretch the page with your long links? We tell other people off for doing that.

Well, I do anyway.

[quote=“Loretta”]Can you guys please not stretch the page with your long links? We tell other people off for doing that.

Well, I do anyway.[/quote]
It’s not me :slight_smile:

I’m just pointing it out because a user had trouble finding the new Language exchange location. You’ll notice that (unlike the other moved over classifieds) language exchange has no link showing people where the new one is (I never noticed either :P). In June there was abuot one new ad per day. We have a total of 1 on the new system. I think people are having trouble finding it (or something).

I didn’t mean the old ones had been moved, but the links on the main page point to forumosafieds.

MK, I’m sorry we didn’t keep you notified on our plans for the Language Exchange forum. I was so wrapped up with the other forums (Jobs, Housing, B&S and Personals) that Language Exchanges somehow fell through the cracks. This is an incredible oversight on my part given how important they are for studying Chinese (and dating) in Taiwan…
well, it has been for me, at least, but that’s a little too much information

Loretta, you are right about the unsightly and frame-breaking URLs. I’ve assigned a temporary URL for the new Language Exchange Forumosafieds -

NOTE: that’s a .org at the end, not a .com

Ideally, it would be something like … but you know me, I never fail to leap at the opportunity to make things more complicated than they have to :unamused: For some not very obvious reasons, assigning a more memorable and user-friendly URL like will take some time. I hope we can fix this delay in the near future.

In the meantime, let’s use .org for now

I’ve just re-programmed the URL - so give it about an hour or so to kick in.

Other short URLs that will be re-directing later today: