Is life in Germany better than here?

Any of you Formosans have lived in Germany long time before? Or are there Germans here? I have visited and stayed short time in Germany and there is a chance to move there now.

How would you compare Germany with Taiwan? Education, acceptance of foreigners in the work force, opportunities for moving up etc. I find in Taiwan there is always a glass ceiling for foreigners and it is much lower than one would imagine. Not only in the corporate world, but also socially. You can only get so far with friendship with the locals here etc.

In Taiwan I see people making 60k and the rich living pretty much the same life. Of course what one buy is different than the others but on a fundamental level they both experience the same public transport, health care, education etc. Back home the differences between rich and poor are screaming in another level.

What would be a good monthly/yearly amount to live in Germany if you want to experience a simple but comfortable life in the city but not the largest cities like Frankfurt and Munich?

I did read a lot of other ‘foreigners in Germany’ forums but I think I prefer a comparison with life in Taiwan specifically.

For me Taiwan is safer than Germany and more convenient, but although Germans are very reserved socially, I feel more a belonging feeling there than here with much of Taiwanese friendships being in a very superficial level. It is much harder to have thins done financially here even if you have the money because you are a foreigner and foreigners leave etc etc

In Germany you are seeing in a different light especially if you have the money to support yourself and has a very good background professionally. Here the pool of competition is very distinct and even the best ones are considered average if not sent on expat packages.

Culturally I think Germany is more open to diversity, more socializing in parks (especially in summers), more cultural diversified events.

Housing is cheaper, at least to buy, and are in better condition than here. Not a concrete block with zero sunlight and little square footage for the price of 30M ntd.

As a foreigner you can negotiate better according to your experience in companies.

Taiwan has a much much better control of crime than Germany. I felt unsafe in several areas of Frankfurt and even small cities during the night and day.

Urban public transport is better here. Long distance transporte is better in Germany.

Those are just some points out of my head. But I woul really appreciate if any one wants to chip in in the differences between here and there. Also why would you prefer one over the other in a bigger picture?

Thanks for reading the long post :grinning:


I’ve never been to Germany (been to its cousin, Austria). I’d love to visit though. I’ve taught a few German students in my time, and they were all really warm and hard working (something I can’t say about my French students).


I’ve never lived there and what I know is mainly from medias, but my concern is physical violence toward foreigners (Asian) from some extreme people.

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@owleyes, which smaller city/cities you considering?
been all over Deutschland for traveling multiple multiple times.

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What do you mean by this?

I don’t think there’s issue with Taiwanese, Chinese, Korean and Japanese Asians. It’s more of an issue with those African Asians :sunglasses:

Also this


it’s more physical and sexual assaults by illegal migrants from that part of Asia and Africa that is Muslim.
Don’t sugar coat reality.


Germany is actually much more progressive and less racist than Russia or France nowadays.


A general answer is difficult. Really depends where and how you want to live.

City? Family? Job?

Housing is pricey and hard to get in bigger cities, but it is not bad compared to overpriced housing in Taiwan.

You can have a normal life with 3k Euro/month in smaller city. Rent/Food/Expenses
Of course the more the merrier.

Besides east Germany (not many jobs there anyway) foreigners are welcomed. You would probably run into more issues with other ‘immigrants’.

Health Insurance is alright. But not as inclusive as in Taiwan. You get much better treatment by being privately insured at any doctor.

Education is good and fair for everyone.

Public transport is very good overall.

Public safety is alright. IMHO the punishments for criminals is quite lax in Germany. So repeat offenders can terrorize certain areas. It is better to stay away from there.

You can ask me more specific questions.


That’s for sure.


I just went there for short work for trade shows - and I been to Munich and Frankfurt and yes seen few Taiwanese and Burmese working in restaurants. There’s few beggars and homeless around the mall and subway (same here in Taiwan) and we been advise not to wear jewelries and be careful to walk at night.

I got cousin and niece in Germany via marriage with German.
She told me that language is very important to be able to work there and legality on documents (same issue here in Taiwan). She got medical insurance and so on because she was married locally she got those benefits, her daughter from 1st marriage also receive the standard benefits such as free tuition fees; allowances and so on.

I like it there and I think I can still compete (not in a sense finding a German spouse) and would be able to work but it is another huge adjustments.


it is obvious to be non Germanen.

The news on neo Nazism scares me.


Is it really that bad there? I honestly don’t know what I’m talking about when it comes to neo nazis living in Germany.

I can’t think of any neo Nazi attacks in Germany in recent memory.

The religion of peace however…

The Germans have internalized the commands of their oppressors though, so don’t expect much open self reflection on the issue.


I have heard wonderful things about Berlin if you’re looking for a more bohemian lifestyle. But I’ve also heard the food is kind of lame.

I could be wrong, I’ve never been. Just what my friends tell me.


Living in Munich

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There may not be many terrorist attacks per se (yet) but that doesn’t mean they are a benign political movement. Number of politically-motivated crimes in Germany:

Source:How prevalent is far-right extremism? - BBC News


The German are definitely more friendly than the French, not that the French are not friendly, but they are in a lesser degree.


I didn’t see physical violence specifically to foreigners there. And definitely not towards Asian. I would say the middle eastern people have it much harder than any Asian over there.

Paris is not France and Parisians are not that friendly.

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I’m too lazy to look at the article, but how do they determine what a ‘right wing’ crime is?