Is Medical Imaging Kept On File For National HealthCare?

Recently, I had an injury while doing jiu jitsu. It was accidental but stiches were needed for the eyelid. I also got a ct scan to see if there fractures. A week later most everything is better. To further add context, the imagery was taken at a public hospital near Beimen.

However, I was wondering if and how I can get a Copy of the CTA scan? Is Medical Imaging Kept On File For National HealthCare so that other hospitals and healthcare provider can see them and use the to provide medical service?

I only ask because their is a little localized pain and I may need the imagery to ask questions and be treated further.

you can get a copy from the hospital for a fee, I don’t think it is stored with the NHI

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You should be able to get a copy of the CT scan (on a CD/DVD, with the corresponding software you need to read it) from the hospital.

Different hospitals seem to handle this differently, at least in my experience - for some hospitals (e.g., Mackay) the radiology department has just burned the CD/DVD and given it to me without me asking at no additional cost, whereas for some I’ve had to specifically request it (and pay for it) at the records office. When I’ve had to pay, I think it was in the 500-600 TWD range (without insurance). If you have another appointment with the same doctor I’d suggest asking them there. If not, I’d just go by the medical records office of that hospital and fill out the request form.

I didn’t have an issue taking the CD/DVD to another doctor at another hospital - they were more than willing to just put it in their computer and take a quick look at it.

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You can go to the records department and import it into the system to all doctors will have access to it in that hospital in the future. Takes about an hour.

What do you mean? I think all the doctors at a particular hospital can access the records for a given patient anyway, even for tests ordered by other doctors? That’s always been the case when I’ve seen different doctors anyway. Why would someone need to go to the records office and wait an hour for that?

I mean if you bring a disc from another hospital, best to just import it into their system than show it to one doctor on his computer.

How would you say the records department in Chinese?

I would like to get a DVD of my MRI scan, but it was 2 months ago. would they keep it on file that long?

Also curious if the National health system have big data type storage for everyone who has NHI.

I don’t know how long they keep records for, but I’d imagine 2 months would be absolutely fine.

At every hospital I’ve had to find the records department, it’s been trivial to do so without knowing the Chinese word/speaking Chinese. Possible options include Google translate, any dictionary, the floor plans and signs posted frequently around the hospital, and the English-speaking volunteers/staff most hospitals have.

No offence intended, but if you can’t figure out something simple like that, I’d suggest taking a Chinese-speaking friend, because you’ll probably have to fill out the records request form that’s mostly in Chinese when you get there, and simply knowing the Chinese word for the records department probably won’t be sufficient.