Is Michael Turton worth following? [Blog ENDED - September 2018]


Obviously, it’s his choice! I’m not suggesting that he should write it according to what I believe. I was trying to answer the OP (who expressed the opposite of what I think).

To be sure, his blog is worth following but not for the politics!

I think he’s in his element when he’s out on his bike meeting the locals and taking pictures of butterflies. The whole paranoid politico side is just bad propaganda.




Is this a personal witch hunt? I guess its ok if the personage is a well known blogger, but holding the punches is a good thing (as has been happening largely).


Before I follow Michael Turton, I want to know where he gets his funding from




i always kinda thought muchaman was turton? guess not.


This is worth repeating. You don’t have to agree with a blogger to follow them. Blogging is meant to be individual… and those individuals who stick with blogging tend to be fairly opinionated. Michael wears his biases on his sleeve, puts a lot of effort into cultivating great content, and writes from the heart. You can’t really ask for too much more in my opinion… and anyone who is new to Taiwan would do well to both follow his blog and rummage through his archives. There’s an incredible wealth of experience to tap into there and it doesn’t cost a thing apart from time. Maybe his commentary will be less interesting if you’re a hard-nosed political observer or a long-term Taiwan expat, but for the rest of us… there’s plenty of good stuff there.


he is not MuchaMan. I’m sure I met him in person in one of my first scooter trips, years ago. He looked like a nice guy but he had something like er… how to say… a very good opinion of himself or something. Too aassertive perhaps. He was cycling somewhere around number 7, and he made me know who much loved to live here in Taiwan, which was pretty much to work some days of the week, and to cycle the rest. It actually sounds good. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the blog itself, I guess I can say the same than what I said about the person. Normally I like points of view that are slightly moderated, open to other postures and points of view, not just “I’m right 100%, others are wrong”.


An end of an era: Michael Turton announces the end of his blog:



A sad day indeed. I rarely agreed with his politics, but his blog was a treasure trove of information on Taiwan.


I appreciated the links and historic info he provided.


End of an era indeed. My one anonymous interaction with him wasn’t great (in fact bad since he chose to wilfully ignore facts and learning something new ) but his content and posts were usually informative .


I criticised Turton a number of times on this website, including coming up with the term Turtonite (often through proxies such as Almas as I was banned for years :joy::joy::joy:): All time best expat memoirs or [[ -- Poll added! -- ]] Criticism of government over Morakot

Now that being said, I really do think his blog evolved in later years. While it still had the predictable pro-green knee-jerk reactions from time to time, it became more independent, more insightful, and slightly less know-it-all. It will be missed by many. I read it regularly.

Blog writing can be exhausting, but am curious as to why he has decided to stop the Brady typing and shut it down.


I’ve never read his blog - which he seems to have had for 13 years now - but I don’t understand why he chose to cap it all, either. That’s a huge investment in time and life that is now kaput.

If it’s a matter of work-life balance, there are good ways of achieving same without shutting off the lights. Especially on a blog that is/was by all accounts well done and very valuable.



Sometimes when people close down a blog, it means they could be entering the public/government sphere, or got a full time gig writing.

Like when politicians say they are tired and want to spend more time with the family: :face_with_monocle:, I often have suspicions something else is at play when such statements are made.

In the past, I have criticized Turton for his naivety:

Perhaps, he has been offered a bootlicking PR position for the DPP/Tsai, or a full time writing position. I don`t think we have the full story here.

In any case, it (the blog) certainly improved in the last few years. Wow I said something nice. :smile::smile:


I had known the dude (face-to-face) personally for half a year. An arrogant, entitled bloke (with a high paying private gig at a private university, with no need need for a higher degree), an opinionated ranter on his blog, obvious apologist for the Green side (despite the fact he can’t even cast a vote) and a blogger who devolved into taking pictures of spiders on his mountain rides and mentioning his students and friends (to the interest of nobody). Bye-bye boring, patronising blog.


Stop beating around the bush, and tell us what you really think. : D



Perhaps taking you to literally, I believe that my true feelings are that his blog benefitted far fewer readers than he intended (well-intentioned, overall). Please re-read his final post to clearly observe the arrogance with which he held his blog in such high esteem. Most bloggers think the general public cares about their opinions to a degree much less than actual feedback would suggest.

I don’t despise Turton, despite his ongoing arrogance, but will be glad to be rid of his ill- informed and biased political commentary. I hope he enjoys his final years with his family.


I enjoy chatting with him about historic military hardware at times :slight_smile:


I met him my first year in the island, and he was, as you said, arrogant. He’s got something appealing, and seemed to be knowledgeable and talkative, but he liked so much the sound of his own voice…

Now, AFAIK he does have a PhD or perhaps a masters on some heavy machinery or something like that. He told me he used to go to Hsinchuang because of that (there are lots of metal workshops in Hsinchuang, somehow related to his research).