Is my account on Forumosa victim of SPAM?

I have received unsolicited PM’s in the past. Quite a bit in fact, and it never bothers me. In fact, I enjoy having a private chat with some Forumosans from time to time. Unsolicited PM’s I receive are usually related in some way or another to something I wrote. And they are always from someone whom I recognize having read some of his/her posts.

Just yesterday I received a very strange PM, though. It’s from a user who registered on March 8th, and this person has not posted anything yet. User name: Elliot_spencer

The PM goes as follows: [i]"hey, can I ask, how long have you been in taiwan and how long you planning on staying?


What do you think? Would you reply? I have not yet replied because A-I’m a bit weirded out, and B-I have not really had time, and C-Because this guy never posted anything.

Have you ever received a PM that had nothing to do with you, or what you wrote from a lurker? Why me?

Apologies in advance, Elliot_Spencer, if you happen to read this, but your PM is very strange to me. You should at least introduce yourself! :wink:

He has posted earlier today. Asking the same question in one of the forums.

[quote=“igorveni”]He has posted earlier today. Asking the same question in one of the forums.[/quote]Just looked up his profile again. He pmed me at 10 to 5 this morning at which time he hadn’t posted yet. (I actually read the pm when I got up around 8:30am)

Did anyone else get a PM? Why me!?

Still strange. Maybe I’ll just drop him a line.

No, but he’s presumably the same guy posting over here. Sounds legit enough. He probably just doesn’t realize that careful searching for and posting in existing threads will elicit better responses.