Is picking on strangers' appearances a Taiwanese habit?


Last night I went to the Italian embassy’s annual Italian republic day party at the Shangri-la hotel. Really amazing food, interesting people. Weirdly, heading to the restroom, this Taiwanese man asked me if i’m Italian…I looked at him weird and was really confused because i’m clearly Asian…and he continues to ask me if i’m mixed italian…i have no idea why. Normally, some people at times will think i’m mixed due to my height, but Italian people are not exactly known to be tall. So not sure what that was.

Another one was in the elevator, one mom was with her son and I was coming out of world gym working out. The kid was staring at me and said something like he’s so tall and big. And the mom was clearly trying to use this moment to her advantage and said, thats because he must have drank lots of milk!. And asked me if I drink milk…I looked at her and her son…and said i’m lactose intolerant and have never drank milk in my life. And exited the elevator


You get plenty of big and tall Italians in northern Italy. They even speak German in South Tyrol.


I did see many large Italian men, i don’t blame them with the food. But not any tall ones at the party. But my god, they went all out with the food and wine. I don’t drink anymore, but if I did, i would have made a fool of myself with like 20 booths of wine makers giving out free wine all night.


I’m sure I’d be massively obese if I lived in Italy…that food is just too tasty. Good thing the food in Taiwan kinda sucks. Yet another benefit of living on the Beautiful Island.


Same here, my first year in TW I put on about 8/9KG from eating all the delicious TW food and the students would draw me looking fat and say my belly is fat and cute. I just laugh about it because I know all I have to do is eat clean and eat less and I will lose weight, which I did.

And guess what, no one mentioned anything when I had lost the weight because I don’t need a god damn trophy or medal because I was more self-disciplined.

People get triggered way too easily and their ego gets hurt. People decide to put cake and chocolate and deep fried chicken in their mouths, guess what, you gana get fat. Deal with it. I knew what I was doing, but I wanted to eat all that food because I had never tried a lot of it.


Because they are practically Austrians.


hahahahah — oh bro


Oh, they got em tall, very tall, just tall, average, … all sizes. Mostly, Italian men are in large numbers awesomely gorgeous, beuatiful features, great shape…:heart_eyes:

I was reminded of that seeing that unfortunate incident at the sports event in Torino.

Oh, and they have their share of Asian diaspora in Italy, so you have 100% Asian looking Italians, not that weird. As to mixed, my best friend from school’s dad is Italian, Mom Cantonese, her bro is a Latino inside, Chinese outside version of Takeshi. :heart_eyes:


Funny you do not see that many obese people with Meditterranean diets. At least at my pal’s home, they started every meal with a mountain of salad. Even the pasta did not have those heavy sauces. Ah, homemade pasta…


Funny, that. May be something in their genes. I always start packing on the pounds when I eat pasta on a regular basis.


Olive oil is key. Raw, not used for frying/cooking.


…and fish…fresh food…and butter doesn’t do any harm to them either.


This model is exactly what Taiwanese people see as being good-looking, which is being as thin as a stick; otherwise, you’re too fat and need to lose weight.


doesn’t do any harm? all those italian mamas are fat for sure.


The best diet for me is still lame Taiwanese food. It keeps me from eating too much. :slight_smile:


Nothing says appetite suppressant like bitter melon. Must be why Okinawans live to be 130, they have bitter melon everything.


In the ol country they also live way past 100 and I am telling you, ain’t nothing bitter in their menus or their lives.


Japan? I guess a lot of their food is pretty bland and samey.


Strangely, in some study I saw recently, Taiwan is the most overweight in both genders in all of East Asia.

Back to the topic, I blame mainstream media for encouraging these kind of behaviors. You have the news repeating derogatory terms like 洋腸,台女,宅男as if they are okay to use publicly, even encouraging mocking behaviors. Then you have a bunch of sub-class celebrities who just appear on shows talking garbage criticizing one another.


Wow, Taiwan is fatter than South Korea?

There are some K-Blimps out there, but I guess there are just enough people here that are skirting the line in terms of obesity. Not full-on fatasses, but still medically overweight.