Is quarantine now 14 + 7 days?

Bojak - Can you confirm the $1000 for the quarantine is per person per day? Thanks!

To answer further my own question in the topic title, the “+7” is basically just being sensible. Wear a mask, as most people seem to be doing anyway. It’s not like you can’t do anything – my wife and daughters had a good week and have enjoyed the rest of their summer in Taiwan.


I just exited TPE and there was zero mention of the additional 7 days of self-monitoring. Unless I just didn’t notice it, it was pretty hectic and I don’t know how to read Chinese.

You’ll get details on the additional 7 days of “Self Health Management” by SMS when you’re nearing the end of your quarantine period.


We did not receive notice of the additional self isolation until the last two days. Limit non essential outings, mask, etc.

The school however did tell us to not schedule any appts at their location for the 1st week following quarantine, well in advance of our flight.


Thanks, @Leggat. Did your experience of the +7 period (third week) match that of @bojack?

CC @Joesox and @qinqinbaobaojugaogao who also seem to have recent personal experience finishing quarantine.

If anyone can share the exact wording of the SMS that the authorities send towards the end of the 14-day quarantine, I would appreciate it. I am coming up on the end of my quarantine soon and would like to plan ahead to comply with any guidance.

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I got a phone call from a police officer on my last day informing me of the extra 7 days. And here is the text message that I received at 9am the day I checked out of the hotel:


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I love how Taiwan, a country full of ethnic Chinese people is still calling it the Wuhan Pneumonia while China has convinced everyone else that it is ‘racist’


discriminating not racist

I just finished mine. It’s 14 days. 7 days they ask you to wear a mask out and avoid hospitals and crowed places like public transport. It’s more an suggestion than actually required under penalty of law.

During the The 7 days they will text you daily and just just reply 1 or 2. 1 is for if you’re fine. 2 for if you symptoms.


Thanks, everyone. I just found the following video from the CDC; it’s the clearest explanation that I have found of what the guidance for “self-health management” (自主健康管理) actually is.

What is self-health management(詹珮君醫師-什麼是自主健康管理)_英語 (in Chinese with English subtitles; dated 21 May 2020)

The video confirms that if you have no symptoms, you can go about your normal routine, although they do ask you to avoid “public spaces” when you go out. I assume that they mean crowded places, since it’s pretty clear from the context that they don’t mean that all public places (e.g., an un-crowded sidewalk) are off-limits.

@Andrew0409, my understanding from this video is that riding public transit is prohibited only if one has developed symptoms.

If anyone has evidence that the official guidance has changed since this video was published to YouTube in May, please let us know.

Yeah. It’s more a suggestion was what I was told.

Did anyone managed to sign, pre-flight, a 6-month or a year lease to quarantine and live?
Looking to do this to avoid expensive quarantine hotel or dodgy airbnb.
Does anyone recommend this route?

I had my work contact real estate agencies/service apartments and no one was willing to rent out due to quarantine. I think it’s a liability with the neighbors which is maybe why they’re cracking down on Airbnb. I’ve now got family members on the ground looking. I’ll let you know if that works.


You could always look at the reviews on airbnb and then negotiate something off the platform with an airbnb host. The platform doesn’t censor the word “line” in the messaging function so it’s easy to take the conversation off platform. (I would be more comfortable with something listed on airbnb since I’ve often found the photos on 591 to be unreliable to what is really there and you’ll have no opportunity to weed out the shady cases. I’ve been hospitalized with severe allergies because the landlord failed to clean the apartment properly.)

I’ve recently found significant savings this way for short term rentals. I presume the savings would be even greater for a 6 month lease where the platform fees and taxes are amplified.

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Thanks! I will try out looking at airbnb as well.
I am confused about the bathroom requirement.
If you are a family with 2 adults, do you need a separate room, AND a separate bathroom?
Anyone can confirm?

intercitydisco :
I got a phone call from a police officer on my last day informing me of the extra 7 days. And here is the text message that I received at 9am the day I checked out of the hotel:

Thanks for details on the 7 days post-qurantine. Then the video …

… calls for 14 days of self-management. So, post-quarantine, is it 7 days of self-management with CECC text messages plus another 7 days of self-management?

@Taiwanyear, I assume that the YouTube video was made for people coming from lower-risk countries (here is a related web page), who I think do not have to do a full 14-day quarantine when they first arrive in Taiwan. Don’t quote me on that last bit, as I am only familiar with the 14-day quarantine requirement for those coming from the States.

I have not seen anything that suggests any special action is required of any travelers beyond the 21-day mark after arriving in Taiwan.

There is a currently a 14-day quarantine requirement for everyone who enters Taiwan, regardless of their nationality or where they’re coming from. The only exception is for special business travelers, who can apply for a reduced quarantine period. Again, not dependent on origin or nationality.

Is there another policy that overrides

1.On June 17, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced the conditions under which short-term business travelers can apply for reduced amount of time of home quarantine—business travelers who wish to make short visits to Taiwan can apply for shortened home quarantine period starting from June 22 if such travelers meet all the conditions listed below:

(4) Those who arrive from low- or medium-risk countries/regions announced by the CECC and have no history of travel to other countries in the last 14 days before boarding the flight to Taiwan.

from @twobro’s link?