Is Syria next?

This isn’t new, but, is Syria the next neocon target for aggression? I’d particularly like comments from CF, Mesheel, and Smith. BTW, Smith, Justin’s picture is kind of sexy, don’t you think?

I can’t link to the article.

CF, I can’t either. The site is hacked probably; but the link is correct.

[quote=“ishmael2”]This isn’t new, but, is Syria the next neocon target for aggression? [/quote]
The site is not hacked. You just typed the last part of the link wrong. :unamused:

Try this:

It’s either Syria, Iran or North Korea, pick one.

I vote for North Korea. I’ll bring the marshmallows and the ammo, you bring the chocolate and the beer.

Well Ishmael:

Why cannot the Chinese, Russians, Japanese and South Koreans deal with the North Koreans? They are most directly affected. I would rather the US let them stew in their own juices until they all realize how much they need the US. If I see one more fucking South Korean student demonstration about US jeeps running over South Korean girls, I say let them defend themselves against their Northern friends. After all, they would all be united now if not for the US plot to keep them separated. The US, you see, fears a unified Korea would soon become the leading economy and military force in Asia…

Now as to Syria. Well Justin has a very short memory. If the US (we will see though I doubt any actual weapons will now be found. I concede this point) was wrong, so were the intelligence agencies of every other nation on the planet. Why is it so wrong that the US was wrong but these other nations get a pass? Oh because the US acted pre-emptively to do something about it?

Second, Syria is a basket case. If the US would move against it, it would have more to do with the hundreds of al Qaeda and fighters that are allowed to cross the border, etc than any neocon marriage with Israel. That said Israel is a democracy and the whole world bewails the fate of the 3 million Palestinians which are under occupation. Then of course there are 3 million Lebanese who are occupied by Syria but this is not important since neither of these two nations is a democracy?

Finally, we all expect Israel to invade Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt or Saudi Arabia? Seriously? to “quote” Justin? Or do we secretly expect that it would be the exact opposite as has been so frequently the case that Syria would invade Israel. Despite the Syrian support for Hamas and other terrorists, why is it that Israel has no such similar forces at work blowing up buses in Damascus? Think about it. As for me, if Syria were next. Bring it on. I would not mind in the least. I despite all the wailing and gnashing of teeth think that the peacekeeping measures in Iraq are going brilliantly. Two or three more years and we will see one way or another. In the meantime, 41 out of 55 top Baathists out of commission. Most of the country is at peace. The economy will start to recover. Maybe with a new UN resolution another 60 to 80K of Bangladeshis, Pakistanis, Egyptians, Moroccans, Indians, Turks. This plus the newly trained Iraqis and we could be looking at a major turning point. Let’s hope Saddam gets whacked soon. I think Mark Steyn is right and Osama is already Dead.

Oh yeah. Justin is real sexy. Looks like one of those losers who imagine themselves a hard-drinking, hard-talking private detective in some pathetic remake of an LA film noir.


Smith, come on. You know Justin is sexy looking. You need to come out of your closet.

He looks like he’s just been caught with a twelve-year old’s cock in his mouth, and isn’t even embarrassed about it.