Is Taipei (Xinbeitou) tap water safe to drink using inversed osmosis filter?

I haven’t heard of this until today, can anyone say if this filter makes the tap water in Taipei completely safe to drink (and is the best water you can get in Taipei)? Is this better than when they deliver water in big jugs? Or is the best to buy bottled water from Europe, such as these French and Italian brands?

Tap water IS SAFE to drink in Taiwan. It’s not China. Most just choose to boil it to be safe and also people like warm water here. I personally drink bottle water because it taste better and have a filter system to use for cooking and ice making. There is absolutely no need to order water from Europe…

Ok, I was worried because there has been some food scandals even here in Taiwan. I also always drink warm water. The landlord told me that in most countries (perhaps also China) they use the same kind of filtering (inverted osmosis), only from a few places you can get real spring water.

It doesn’t hurt to have a filter system. But water is safe here. Yes there has been food scandals but I think the way people reacted shows that people here care and were even not happy with the slap on the wrist the government gave them. In China, it’s just accepted. Actually people like 2 month old oil there in some cases because it taste better according to them.

If you have the money and time, go ahead and put ina filter system.