Is Taiwan introducing 'Sharia' law?

… or are they emulating Singapore?

This is really becoming ridiculous …

[quote]Caning for sex offenders: DPP

TOUGH MEASURES: DPP Legislator Hsueh Ling said she will publish the names of presidential contenders who do not support a proposed amendment to the law
By Flora Wang
Monday, Mar 19, 2007, Page 2

Democratic Progressive Party Legislator Hsueh Ling holds up a whip at a press conference yesterday, where she called for the inclusion of caning as punishment in the Prevention of Sexual Offenses Act.

Several Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) legislators yesterday urged presidential hopefuls to endorse a proposed amendment that would allow for the caning of sex offenders


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Caning sex offenders?

Sounds good to me. And it sounds more like Singapore than Islamic law.

Well, now we know we can catch the masochists more easily.

Castration would be better … but caning?

Caning hurts…a lot.

of course the next time, the guy will probably just kill the girl, or child.

Caning hurts…a lot.

And you know this because…?

:astonished: Aeiyo!!!

How about just locking the scumbag up and throwing away the key?

That would be cruel and unusual punishment.

Caning a sex offender is definitely NOT Sharia Law. Sharia Law blames the woman for being raped.

What about S&M sex offenders?

caning hurts a lot.

i remember those odd ocasions at school: and that was just on the hand. Ow!

caning on the testicles would hurt much more.

mind you, as SAF and tyc00n have pointed out, some people actually enjoy that.

Great. Just as I was getting over my ‘I hate Taiwan’ spell this beauty comes along and makes me wish the whole fucking island could somehow be shot into the sun.

Look at it this way, caning may SOLVE some of your other problems. :smiley:

There is a great mythos around caning; and fear of being caned probably keeps people in line more than you might think.

I know I don’t wanna be caned. OK, maybe once, but after that, stoppy stop. Imagine 10 or 20 or them. :astonished:

Read the link I put up. Pussboy from the USA was screaming, “I’m dying!” and he got like 5 lashes.

in louisiana they used to fry you for rape. that is, if you were black and raped a white girl. the actual carrying out of law (in my lifetime) has been like this:

white rapes white- prison
white rapes black- light prison, or maybe nothing, no investigation
black rapes white- bacon

we were the last state to abolish the electric chair. anti death penalty groups proved you were twice as likely to get the chair if you were black.

caning looks like a fair-“er” system from the link JD gave.still cruel. but these assholes only understand cruel. i think it should be used for these blue truck drivers.

And it would castrate you in no time flat!