Is the ice safe?

I do not drink the tap water here in Taiwan for safety concerns.
What do you all think about ice at restaurants, tea stands, 711…?
Can I assume that it is packaged purified ice or should I just stay away from it?
I am extra cautious because I am on meds that lower my immune system and I have a digestive disorder (Ulcerative Colitis).

I have never had a problem with the ice and neither has anyone I know (and I know people with similar conditions like celiac/UC who have consumed the ice without issue) but I do not have a definitive answer for you. I suppose in the end, you’re better off safe than sorry.

Good to hear, thanks for the input.

Maybe partially depends on the location. Nicer or more concerned places may have a nicer ice machine with a filter. Or may use water that came through a filter system.

7-11 definitely uses prepackaged, portioned ice for their iced drinks. As per tea shops, restaurants, etc, I think they’re supposed to use or have a filter on their ice machine? I don’t know how regularly each one actually gets serviced, gets the filter replaced, etc. But I’ve never heard of an issue, nor have I had an issue. The tea shop industry is competitive enough that it’s in their best interest to use clean, filtered water to avoid a scandal.
But… I do NOT trust the grandpas selling ice cream on the baboo baboo carts. That looks really dodgy, imo.

most ice is safe.
if you pointed a gun at me to pick one potential bad type, it might be the shaved ice. when I first came here, you’d see them cut blocks of ice on the ground with nothing underneath them.
or maybe that’s my own urban legend.
However, our family eats the shaved ice, especially during summer


mmm once I saw in one big place for weeding, they were doing the drink for the weeding with tap water.

My first thought when I saw this was, it’s a bit hot out no :ice_skate:


Most big restaurants use inline whole house filters that only need changed once or twice a year, but I highly doubt the small ones do. However, they rarely offer ice.

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Almost all restaurants who have ice will filter the water beforehand, or else nobody will eat there.

One thing to keep in mind: The big ice machine at Costco is NOT safe. Says so right on the ice machine. Those are not used for consumption but to keep your purchase cold so it doesn’t go bad on the way home. The ice machine at the soda fountain is safe.


Thanks so much everyone! I’m still going to stay cautious but just not as paranoid Haaha

If you see a place that’s not that sanitary, skip the ice. Or better yet, skip the food and drinks completely. Otherwise it’s safe.

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