Is the Pope Catholic?

When killing people is outlawed, only outlaws will kill people.

Quoth the DVD salesman. :idunno:

What’s wrong with innocent salutations?

Context, man, context.

Don’t expect me to read in context.

That’s the way to go. No context!

That’s why I love you.

Are you allowed to commit adultery in self-defence, or to save a life?


that reminded me of a book from Aldous Huxley… probably this one:

It seems he only defends Catholic tradition when Catholic tradition happens to be horrifying:

A pattern of behavior emerges which could be interpreted as malicious destruction of the institution’s credibility.

Jesus, this is just a train wreck crossed with a Pandora’s box that won’t go away.

Welcome back Poster R.

um … you what now? How do you destroy something that never existed in the first place?

I’m sure His Popeishness would have a suitable metaphysical answer to that.

Can’t help wondering if they were ‘secretly documented’ in lascivious detail.

You gonna burn in hell for that mista :joy:

What would happen if…

…the remaining Catholics of the world cut ties with the Vatican and, um, went their own way?

Technically, they wouldn’t be Catholics anymore. But they could fudge it by cobbling together their own College of Cardinals and setting up a new Papacy.

It’s not entirely without precedent. They could set up the new See in…well, Constantinople isn’t available anymore. How about Avignon?

I’m not gonna tell Catholics what to do, but maybe this current Pope shouldn’t either. I’m just saying.

Considering the Catholic Church is basically just a synthetic State, doesn’t that amount to a coup? The Pope might respond by bringing back the death penalty for treason.

I wonder if the Vatican ever considered just going ahead and legalizing child rape by priests. :roll:

I wonder if the Swiss Guard have the numbers or the fighting spirit to organize the enforcement.

Those uniforms. They’d look silly running the death camps.

This is where papal infallibility is a big issue.

You mean cannon law?
(aka. red hot catholic love)

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If you legalize it, you can regulate and tax it.

To my understanding. A Catholic accepts the Pope to be the direct decedent authority of Jesus. All the other Christian groups don’t.

There used to be a time with several popes at the same time, Avignon nice town to visit.
So, if you think the pope is the leader of your religion, you are a Catholic.

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