Is there a Good Mandarin Chinese Pop Up Dictionary for Android?

Hey, I’m looking for a Chinese pop up dictionary app for Android that is comparable to Perapera, LiuChan, or Zhongwen: A Chinese Popup Dictionary (which are all for PC browsers). I see Hanping purports to be a Chinese Pop up OCR. It’s not free though, and I don’t want to pay for it and find out that it is as lame as Google Translate’s floating icon. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Your best bet is using the pleco ocr screen reader.

You can actually install the Zhongwen extension on Android if you use the nightly version of Firefox. The text will be really small though in the pop up.

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You can download a Chrome based browser like Kiwi Browser that allows you to use Chrome extensions.

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Thanks so much @papertowel and @raymanh. That info is quite helpful.