Is there a good time of year to buy a new iPhone in Taiwan?

I’ll be buying a new iPhone sometime in the next few months (by early July). In Taiwan, is there much of a schedule for the best time to buy a phone, e.g. if the newest model has just come out so the still-good models for last year are discounted? Or is it now just a matter of buying a new phone when you want it?

Basically, I’m worried that if I buy one next week, I may discover that there’s usually a big price drop in May. If there typically is a price drop in the spring, I’ll wait until then.

I haven’t investigated the latest models yet, but I already know my main issue will be wanting the best camera, but not a giant phone, and yes I know those are contradictory. My most recent phones prioritized small sizes - hello, iPhone SE1 & 2! - but now the optical zoom cameras look very appealing.

Thanks in advance!

Just before CNY is when Taiwanese buy new phones, and there are usually big sales. I got an iPhone 13 for my wife a couple thousand cheaper than Apple store from Jason Communication.

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Ah. Oops, missed that chance then. Thanks!