Is there a Grocery delivery service in Sanchong area?

Hi there,
I am new to Taipei, came here for work and just found an apartment in Sanchong. First thing I checked is to have food delivered home. I got used to order Groceries online back home, but seems it’s not that common in Taiwan.

Honestbee shut down leaving many issues unsolved, not sure if foodpanda or Ubereat going to open grocery delivery. What do you guys use to have your stuff delivered within couple of hours?

Carrefour delivers for free and A-Mart have started delivering with Shopee

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Great! thanks for the info. Let me try them. Do you know if there is website with some promocodes for first-time users?

hmm, A-Mart doesn’t specify their delivery time (Mon-Fri 9am-6pm) while Carrefour delivers within 24 hours.

There should be a “faster option”, do you guys know any?

Here is the Carrefour site

Here is Amart

Not sure about promos, but Carrefour is 800 spend for free delivery and Amart is 499

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I dont think there is much demand for a swanky service like Honestbee in Taiwan. It makes me think of something that is suitable for expats in Singapore, Shanghai or Hong Kong with their kids in international schools and maids etc. Taiwan has so few of those type of foreigners and Taiwanese rich people are happy to shop at PXMart

Additionally, there are supermarkets everywhere. PX Mart opens like 7.30am and closes at 10.30pm. Wellcome never closes and there are 24hr Carrefour in the city. I just dont see the demand

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got it! thanks a lot @OrangeOrganics!
will share my first experience later on :slight_smile:

I did some research and tried some options myself. Here is compiled info in one table:

It is clear that pandanow熊貓嚴選 is the best grocery delivery option in Sanchong in terms of:

  • delivery time (~15mins)
  • delivery fee (free delivery)
  • promotion (~33% off)