Is there a health food store in Taichung?

If you know of one, please tell me where it is.

There is (perhaps was) a store on the road from the train station that becomes Taichunggang Lu. I can’t remember the name of the road and I don’t have a Taichung map handy. But, from the train station, look for the McDonalds sign and head up that road for a few blocks. The health food store should be on the left, less than 10mins walk from the station. If you come to the block with a couple of camera stores on it, you’ve gone too far.

Providing the store is still there, and providing my memory of where it is, is accurate, that is.

Sorry, not much help, but it’s the best I can do. There’s a couple here in Changhua, so there’d have to be quite a few in Taichung. If you have no luck, head down to Changhua one day (15 min train ride) and I’ll take you to the ones I know here.

Thanks cfi, I’ll give Taichung a go and if that doesn’t work I’ll head down to Chunghua.

I think cfimages means the GNC on Chongcheng road. It has a huge GNC sign above it. Dr_Zoidberg, if you don’t want to travel so far there’s a couple of those organic food shops in Tachia, that may have what you’re after, the easiest one to find is on the street the Matsu temple is on and it’s on the 7-11 side of the temple. You walk along the street the opposite direction from Chingshui and it’s near a small camping store

Ooooh, even better. Thanks Matchstick.

Shit! I wish I had read this a couple of hours ago, I cycled to Dajia this morning.