Is there a Professional or Amateur Boxing Scene in Taiwan?

hey everybody,

My name is kenny. born in taiwan raised in cali started boxing at 2008 been training since. I fought in Korea cause I was teaching here and I plan on going to Taiwan to get some fights in. I just wanted to get to know and see if there is a professional boxing scene out there. I know there is an amateur scene because i researched it quite i bit.

i also contacted AIBA and asked for all the boxing gyms in taiwan and their websites. heres what i got:

AIBA headquarters website


If anyone knows anything about these gyms and is willing to share their experiences I would greatly appreciate it. Im going to be heading to Taiwan in the summer of 2012 to check out all these gyms myself, but it would be great if someone could give me some info on these places before i head out there so I don’t waste my time at some diet boxing gym.



No Pro scene in Taiwan :frowning:

Theres PRO FC (Pacific Rim Organized Fighting) But it’s MMA. Here’s their site.