Is there a way to search within a post on Forumosa?

When a post is very long, it is difficult to find information on that page. If I use control+f, that leads to a search of the entire forumosa site and produces pages that mention the search term. I see on Google that this is how the discourse platform operates.

Do you mean within a post or within a thread?

If you click search topic icon at the right top corner, there is a “Search this topic” box.


Also recommend: discobot’s tutorial



I don’t see the search bar.

It’s right next to the coffee cup.

@FenjaJie Thank you. So this means the search produces a list of results, and if I click on one result, the search ends, and I have to type in the search again to see the results list? Is there a way to just use a down arrow to go to the next search result the way searches normally work?

Yes, after entering your search term in the window hit “enter” and you’ll go to a page of search results.


That’s very useful. Thank you. And it also opens up the advanced search bar. It appears that my search term is not highlighted in yellow once I open the post, but now it’s usually short enough that I can find my search term by reading.

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I just used ctrl+f, and it just searched this page, as per normal with ctrl+f.

I searched for the term “discobot” which only occurs once on this page, and hundreds, if not thousands of times on the whole site.

I don’t think content management systems or individual websites can change how control +f works.

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That is very strange. ctrl+f just worked for me too, on this page and another page. But most of the time it searches the forum. And I have read on the internet that discourse has overridden ctrl+f. I’ll have to try to figure out when ctrl+f works normally and when not.

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I found the reason it works and sometimes doesn’t.

With topics with fewer posts ctrl+f works as normal, but with longer topics that have many posts, it switches to site-wide search.

That sucks.


Try this: control+f, when it takes you to site-wide search results, the topic you are currently searching will come up #1.

Click on it and hit Control +F again, and it will search topic.


@Charlie_Phillips I am impressed by how quickly you figured this out. Thank you! I tried what you said. It works normally as in normal for forumosa/discourse. But not normally as in my search time is highlighted and I can just scroll down through the thread, is that right?

Oh. It turned out to be very simple. Hit Control +f once, don’t type anything.

Hit Control +f again, and you get the normal search function.

I tested twice and it seems to work.


That is a very good find!!! Thank you!
@Charlie_Phillips how did you get the clever idea to try ctrl+f twice?

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@Charlie_Phillips it is very useful that you figured this out. Did you try it on a lot of posts, or were you able to guess that this is how discourse works?

I depended on my genius. Like Donald Trump does.

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actually, you almost found it, I guess.