Is there a way to see all the properties of the same agent on 591?

Is there?

Please advise.

It has crossed my mind that I could perhaps do a phone number search (if that is an option on the 591 site)…


Between the apartment description and the map there is a place for agent info with three blue links…

Are you sure the links are blue?
Sorry but I did not see any blue links.
I am using Google chrome as the web browser.
Thanks btw.

I’ll show a screenshot of what I’m seeing, this guy seems to have 2 units for sale and 2 for rent (rent being the third link). Some of the units I’ve saved to check out when I arrive don’t have this space filled in, for one reason or another that is a choice by the agent I think.

I’m also figuring it out as I go, using a Chrome character-translation extension, so I could be mistaken…