Is there an easy way to print booklets in Office 2k?

We are making our own activity books for our cram school. Before we hire a printer, I’d like to do a dry run on my own.

I’d like to use half an A4 paper per page folded in a way that will allow me to paste it together. I’m not committed to that method though. I’m open to other ideas as long as I can assemble a book like document.

I’ve seen some files that are for office 2003 and they require that I start with a blank document. Is office 2003 actually Office 2K with a free update?

I’m going to invest in more software but people said that I should stay away from xp. :?: :smiling_imp:

Software: Office 2K English (not updated).
Windows 2K English latest update
Printer: Espon 41 UX.

You just need to print the pages of your book on both sides (a printer setting) and leave sufficient gutter in Word to allow for stapling or whatever biding method you choose. Do I understand your intentions correctly ? Why do you need to fold the pages ? Do you intend to produce a traditionally bound book sewn with string and glued into a spine ? You might as well just get a printing firm to do the whole thing. Perhaps.

You know, you are right… I did intend to make a few with the traditional spine and binding. I’ll just print the full size version with gutters as you suggested.

Once the book proves useful, I’ll have a printer do the job.