Is there any way to find out if a medicine is covered by NHI?

My clinic keeps charging me extra for medicines that aren’t covered by NHI? Is there a list of medicines/procedures that aren’t covered by NHI that I can refer to?

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These pages might help

In Chinese



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You can search medicines in the following link and check the price

the table below shows how much the NHI can cover by the Medicine price

For example if you search for Acetaminophen the price is 0.25 ntd per tablet

About other procedures that are not covered by NHI you can check the Article 51 of the National Health Insurance Act


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So, according to the chart, if a medicine costs over 1000NT/dose, NHI will cover 200NT of the cost? Am I reading that correctly?
I am on some pretty costly medicine and need to factor this into my budget for moving back to Taiwan. Thanks.

I think the right column of the table shows the copay borne by the patient, rather than the NHI contribution, no?

Thank you. Yes, my wife confirmed that after I finished work.

Weird, I search for common medications and there’s no result. Even medications I am currently taking that is paid for by NHI.

They must use really weird naming for drugs.

Try doing a search for the name you know it by and see if there are any alternate names for it. I got lucky and mine came up on the first try.