Is there Hulu in Taiwan?

99% of my favorite shows are not on Netflix, just Hulu. They had Netflix in Taiwan but idk if they had Hulu. I really like the Golden Girls

Get a VPN service. I watch Hulu this way. I use express vpn and set it to the US. I use this for streaming services to watch different content


As a former Hulugan (Hulu employee), I wish.

However, don’t get too comfortable; Disney+ just bought them out, and what it does for the future of shows on Hulu isn’t quite certain yet.

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Seems like there are some Hulu shows on taiwanese Disney plus

No Hulu in Taiwan. Most of the popular American TV shows are on Disney+ and HBO Go.

I’m not sure they have Golden Girls though.

Hulu has always worked well here for me with a VPN.

I’ve been wondering when tf will Amazon Prime and Hulu be in Taiwan since god knows when but they just never come.

And the irony is that lots of Amazon products ship to Taiwan and is even free for orders over $60 USD, and there’s rumors that Amazon’s AWS is getting an office in Taipei, so I don’t think it’ll be too much of an infrastructural stretch to extend Amazon’s streaming services out here.

No, Taiwan is always conspicuously missing when it comes to most services. It almost seems intentional.

I watch Amazon Prime on Taiwan without VPN. I just watched McCartney 3, 2, 1 on Disney+ that is on Hulu in the States. Also Disney+ Taiwan have start+ shows from my country.


Indeed: Amazon Prime video has been here since 2016 at least. Not a particularly good catalog, mind you, but at least the service exists.

And remember there’s JustWatch Taiwan to figure out what’s available where.

Prime has been for awhile. Just use a VPN for Hulu. No big deal.

I’ll have to check that out then… I personally haven’t held a Prime membership in a while.

I heard some of these streaming services block known vpn… is that true of hulu?

Hulu is owned by Disney. The shows are on Disney+ in Taiwan, under the ST☆R branding.

UPDATE: I just checked, and they have the Golden Girls.

No need VPN. Hulu shows are on Disney+ in Taiwan.

Interesting. I had no idea. I’ve been using a VPN to watch Hulu for years, though I recently let my subscription lapse as I wasn’t watching anything on there anymore once Reservation Dogs ended. How does the price compare?

Good show.

It’s something like $150/month.

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I use Windscribe, and both the standard tier and the streaming tier work fine.