Is there Professional fingernail building?

Please someone, help me with information. I would like to know if there is possible to find “professional fingernail building” saloon in Taipei? It is for ladies who want to have nice fingernails but without the professional “fake” ones they have no chance either because they have been biting their nails since their childhood or their fingernails are just too thin so they are always breaking. It’s like a beuty-saloon just it is specialised for fingernails.
Moreover, I am searching for a special technique, which is made by “gel” which dries and fixes under UV-lamp.
Please, probably specially ladies, if you have any idea about this kind of thing is possible to find in Taipei, or moreover maybe in Taoyuan?
Thank you in advance,

Yes, there are many manicure places in Taipei, some more professional than others though. Have you asked your Taiwanese coworkers or classmates to give you information?

Try these guys, just off of Zhongxiao E Rd between Sun Yat Sen and Dunhua stations on the blue line.

C uses them and so do I on occasion although not for false nails…just a bit of toe nail trimming…honest

Is that because C wouldn’t go near them! :laughing:

merdzso, can you tell me more about this fingernail building thing? How strong does it make your nails? Does it chip in the corners like fake ones do?
Also, let me know if you find a place.

So, first of all,
I checked the website of this “nailpark.myweb” on the internet. - Thank you, Edgar Allen!
It looks very nice. Although on the pictures it seems they work with not the gel, but simply with the “tags” what they glue on the nail and then they shape it. Or maybe they put porcelan on top. Who knows by picture? But definitely it is not the “built gel” technique because I see no UV-lamp there. And somehow the nails look different when it’s done by the gel. But there will be a chance for me to check it out, and even if it’s not that I am still very happy all of you answered and there is a place to go.

I have not asked my taiwanese friends or colleagues at working place yet for a very simple reason: I am not yet in Taiwan. I am coming!

and, dear SuchAFob, yes I can tell more, but already I think I did so. Maybe better would be to put some pictures up here to show you what they look like. And just to mention quality: for me, who has quite “slow-growing” fingernails -so these artificial nails stay nice for me for about 3 weeks. They do not usually break although I work with my hands a lot. Don’t worry, I am not a builder-man, but women nowadays just use their hands- like always in history.
Of course it’s possible to spoil them but they are very stabil originally.
Then, when you go to the saloon after this two-three weeks the lady just has to fill it with gel in the bottom, to correct the shape, and that’s it.
You can put polish on top, but for example I prefer it to be natural, so i live it like that. None would say it’s not real just those who are professional.
As far as I know this is the most modern and natural way of making artificial fingernails.- believe me I have tried a lot of versions before.
With glued tags or porcelan -for example- the problem is that they break easier and what is even worse:the tag or the porcelan many times lets air to get undernieth and then you have there fungous or even bacteria. And that was it! -this way you spoil your original fingernails, and you have to then remove the artificial ones.

and dear Edgar Allen, just one more thing: please. Since I have no idea at all about this place (although you wrote down the streets where to find this saloon) could you help me with something, please?: from Taoyuan how to get there? -from the airport of Taoyuan what bus (which) will I have to take? I think: first there will be a bus which goes into Taipei City. And from that bust station into which other bus should I change? Please. If you could check it out for me.
Or do you have any idea where to get an English Map with the buses, including Taoyuan and Taipei as well?
Well, I have found one on forumosa before, that’s a downloaded one -maybe you know it. But like this, still: it seems just too complicated for me. I cannot find what I need on it. I thought I need a paper-version-map. Does it exist?- in English or German? Or?

But only if you have time for this. Anyway you already helped me a lot. Not urgent, I still have two weeks to go:)

And I wont forget the pictures. Somehow. Although i am not a computer genious.

OOOOOOOhhh, by the way:
Who is “C”?


C will be my wife tomorrow afternoon :laughing: maybe then I will have to refer to her as Mrs Poe?

I don’t have maps and stuff, I am a taxi junkie but am sure someone else can help.

Good luck with your travel arrangements, and let us all know if we can help with anything else. :laughing:

COOL!!! :bravo:
That means these are the months of marriages :slight_smile: :sunglasses: :slight_smile: :sunglasses:

Or do you have any idea where to get an English Map with the buses, including Taoyuan and Taipei as well?

I know that the English version of Taipei City map is availble in the major MRT (metro) stations.

Not sure if anything for the buses are availble there as well. You can however use this following link to dig out some info about the buses.

I personally think the bus here sucks unless you take the ones you are familiar with.
Sorry I have no info regarding anything in Taoyuan … I don’t go out of Taipei city :unamused: