Is there such thing as a "inverse headhunter"

Are there people who help people find specific jobs for a fee? It seems daunting to apply to so many different jobs when you’re not even sure you’ll hear back.

Seems like job search agencies are for people who border on not having a job at all.

I’ve applied to two remote jobs so far, one a listing in Estonia, and one at Frontier Airlines. Didn’t hear back from either. The application for Frontier was very involved. There were fun logic problems they had you do, but very time consuming.

Yes, recuitment agents, but you don’t pay them, the company pays them a finders fee. Standard practice these days for bigger companies just to call a recuitment agent and get them to find people that fit a certain criteria.

Note: they are middle-men and most of the time don’t know what they are talking about when it comes to the details of the role. Additionally, the agencies do advertise false generic job adverts to obtain a database of CVs, they use this as a sales tactic as it is desirable to recruiting companies to say “we have over 200 current CVs on file”, so if you apply to a vague job advert and don’t hear back, or they call you about something which isn’t really like what you applied for, then that’s the reason.


So that’s a headhunter, right? Can you give me an example of one?

I think I some messages on LinkedIn from these people. After I start ignoring one, then another account sends me a message.

No, not necessarily. A headhunter is someone who finds people who aren’t looking for jobs, and tries to tempt them into an interview. Usually the recuitment agents do this when the people who have applied to their generic role don’t get approved by the recruiting managers.

You need to find one in Estonia or whatever country you are looking into. Best to phone them up, they are phone addicts to the point of being harrasssing. Don’t leave voicemails.

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There is also sniping - this is pretty aggressive, and can go either way depending on the manager/company.

Essentially if you know of a company who is recruiting or are interested in a particular job, you find out who the line manager is, and contact them directly. Nothing direct like “I want this job here’s my CV”, but say something like, “I heard that you might be in the recruitment process and I was wondering what kind of person you were looking for, if you have a job spec or link to an application somewhere that I might be able to review?” and then just fuckin’ attach your CV anyway and call it good.

Honestly, if anyone pulled that shit on me, I’d probably blacklist them, but I have gotten a job using that method before.


I’ll try anything.

I appreciate the honesty you have about your double standard. :rofl:

Great thread by the way!


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