Is there work here for someone with a law degree from the US

I want to toss out this question hoping that someone has knowledge on the subject. I’m considering two different degree programs in the States – one English the other law. I’m leaning towards law and wondering if I come back to Taiwan with a JD degree will I be able to find work? I’m supposing there are companies which may legal consulting? Does anyone have experience with this?

Thanks in advance.

Bu dong.

Are you Taiwanese? You sound like a native English speaker, but I’m confused. You’re considering a BA in English or an MA or a PhD as opposed to a JD? Or something else?

I assume you understand that a JD is a 3-year post-grad degree, so I’m guessing you’re considering MA or PhD in English v. JD. Otherwise, if you’re thinking about a BA in English, that’s fine, I’m an English major and feel it’s a good degree, but no need to worry about law school yet. Take it one step at a time. Otherwise, grad degree in English v. JD is another question. I have an MA in English too and have no regrets about that, though it’s nowhere near as useful as a law degree. PhD in English? My former roommate got one and from the stories he tells a JD’s a lot better degree (so much administrative BS involved in teaching and of course the pay sucks in comparison), though I really envy him his summer vacations.

Anyway, you’ll need to clarify your background and what you’re considering doing.

As for your questions, yes, there’s lots of interesting work in Taiwan for US lawyers even if one doesn’t speak Chinese, particularly involving technology, IP, international commerce, and corporate matters. I’ve been handling such work for several years, find it very interesting, and there’s far more work than I can handle. Being not only a native-English speaker but a US lawyer here, one is an extremely valuable asset (law school in Taiwan is only an undergrad degree and far less rigorous training). So, one is treated like a star here even if one might not be treated so exceptionally back home, and the opportunities just keep getting better as one puts in ones time here.

So, I’d say yes the opportunities here are terrific for US lawyers, but more info from you would be helpful.