Is this poison ivy?

I’ve been able to determine that poison ivy exists in Taiwan. Several botanical sources confirm this.

What I’m wondering is whether the photo below is poison ivy. It has many of the characteristics, except no red color where the leaves join.

Does anyone know for sure?

Try it, touch it, that’s the best way to be sure it is or … not :laughing:

Send a PM to Almas John. He’s very knowledgable in this field.

The texture is wrong and the color is slightly off. So as far as the poison IVY that grows all over the US, that is not.
I would very carefully remove a leaf (or all three) and place it in a ziplock bag. Take it to your botanical source and let them see.

A boyscout and frequent camper in my youth, I always had trouble recognizing poison ivy. I thought I was dense, but over time have learned that it’s because the appearance is just too damn variable. To be safe, of course, avoid the 3-leaved plants. Problem is, there are a lot of damned 3-leaved plants.

This BW shot shows the shape I learned as a boy, but the edges can be smoother than this, too.

The toothed form is merely a variety of the ivy, and is often mis-ID’d as poison oak.

I read on a website that the oil in the poison trio, ivy oak and sumac, is easily oxidized to a black substance, so if you damage the leaves they will turn black at the damage point (where smashed or torn). I’ve never tested this.