Is this the right street trial bike for me?

I recently bought a street trial bike - brand: Echo.

Here are it’s stats:

Fork: ECHO URBAN 26".
Headset: ECHO TR headset.
Stem: ECHO TR stem,120mm 20 ° .
Bar: ECHO 7075 T6 rise bar .
BB: ECHO Integrated ISIS BB Set .
Crank: ECHO TR crank 170mm .
Pedal: ECHO URBAN cage pedal .
Freewheel: ECHO 108P 18T steel freewheel .
Bash ring: ECHO full cover .
Hubs: ECHO front & rear.
Cog: ECHO steel 14T.
Chain Tensioner: Integrated chain tensioner.
Rims: ECHO 24 " rims.
Tires: KENDA 24“.
Brake: ECHO TR disc brake, Front 180mm disc, Rear 160mm disc.
Geometry: Wheel base 1020mm, BB high 15mm, chainstays 380mm, head tube 100mm, head angle 72°.
Weight :Full Bike 9.8kg( 1.85kg Frame ).

(note: mine has front disc brakes, in addition to rear disc brakes)

Problem is I’m 6.1 tall, 86kgs. Am I too tall, too heavy for the bike?

Aso it has a knobbly tire on the back - that doesn’t make sense for a street bike, does it?

And, are the cranks too small?

Or do I just need to keep on trucking, falling off and trying and trying again? This is radically different from my MTB of course, but I do rough ride my MTB regularly - wheelies, bunny hops, up and down stairs etc.

Suggestions please, oh wizened ones…

So u are trying to do trials on a trails bike and u keep falling off? Like everything cycling the problem is probably you. Keep trying!

That be a street trial bike, as per Danny MacAskill.

Strange about the knobbly on the back. Definitely need to swap it out with a Kenda Block 8.

Anyways, had some fun with it today, working on my track standing and baby bunny hops, a few weener wheelies. Totally different kettle of fish to mountain biking.