Is this true?

I have seen in and in 8891 that ford metrostar and tierra from 2003 and below are verycheap like this

Is this true?

Also i habe seen some suzuki swift 2003 or 2000 at 70,000 ntd is it true?
Also ford escape and mazda tribute 2000 to 2002 like the same price above de 80k

Im looking for a cheap car around that price but i dont know if it is scam or is just the downpayment?

Probably not entirely true. It is just a way for them to get you in their store and force their sales tactics on you. I even responded to ads by calling them and asking if the car they are showing is available and the price is what they say. Drive all the way to Taichung, and the dealer says: sorry, that car is sold, but we have another one for you :fume:

The Swift didn’t go into production until 2006 and you won’t find a decent one for under $300,000.
Go to for more realistic prices. It’s a sellers market right now. Used car prices are still high due to an inventory shortage caused by the economic downturn.


It is lie & cheating way in Taiwan.

This is what they do as standard in Taichung, the used car market here is strange, they don’t bargain or discount because for the cheaper smaller cars they know they can sell to somebody else soon.