Is this what we look like if we stay here long enough?


Warning: guy spouting the most amazing misogyny

Meet Prof. Dr. (that’s how he refers to himself) Hugo de Garis, a retired professor of mathematics living in China…and making these videos:

And this is number 291!


He lost me at “I see them mainly as walking cunts”.

Plus he still uses a Yahoo email address…


He lost me with the cringing and acute moans in around 1:20


Well, he fell for the mgtow meme, so I somehow object to the idea that this guy might be an “intellectual” (his own words)


I don’t think it’s misogyny. Sounds more like testosterone deficiency. Creepy fella for sure.


Poor mother


I feel like he is living a sad life, or maybe not. I don’t know but he looks unhappy.


Just unhappy? He looks completely mad.


He does more or less invite attempts to diagnose him, yes. (Somewhere along the autism spectrum, I suppose.) My friend who sent me this (he knew about him through his writings on the technological singularity–anybody want to live forever?) tells me the guy is married!