Is Tienmu still a Western/foreign enclave now?

not just tianmu, there are a few hoods, like that, for example minsheng community.
keeping out the mrt was the stupidest move ever, their real estate would have been even more expensive…


I think costco and the carrefour in tianmu are the biggest foreigner enclaves here…

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Yeah, I’m not talking about retired people. Of course they are everywhere. I’m talking about entire families of old-money wealth who don’t really have to work at any age. I think Tianmu has a higher concentration of those than most places. I have no data to back it up, but it certainly seems that way.

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There’s no Costco in Tianmu, but both Carrefours are certainly full of foreigners at any given time.


No doubt.

the guandu costco is also foreigner heavy… as is the neihu one, but i think that one is more out of nostalgic reasons… the guandu one is better in my opinion

Possibly. But I can tell you I know many like that all over Taiwan. Every town and city. Most of their money came from their grandparents generation. They kind of tick along on their old businesses or assets. Not only this generation but their parents as well never doing much.

Yep. I’m well aware of all of that (as I would imagine we all are). It’s a different thing in Tianmu.

OK move around and let me know if you still think so. I’ve lived in about seven different places and it’s the same ole story. I know families like that in Taoyuan, Yunlin , Daxi, Ankeng , Taichung, Tainan…You name it.

I’ve moved around quite a bit, as well. You live in Tianmu and tell me if you think it’s the same as those places. It quite famously (among locals) is not. I’m not a fan of that aspect of it, to say the least. Yes, we’ve all known “families like that” from all over. I’m talking about major demographic generalities, not individual families.

Tianmu, Beitou has had an increase last few years due to expats working in the windfarm industry.

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I don’t run into that many foreigners in Neihu at all. I thought there would be more with all the high tech jobs and AIT. They seem to be more concentrated in Dazhi though.


I already stated that I lived there before.:wink:

…Because if you look at the stats (I seem to be the only one boring enough to do this ) there are few white collar foreigners in Taiwan, many students couldn’t come in and their numbers have actually been decreasing significantly (across most nationalities ) over the last two years…notwithstanding the hullabaloo about a few thousand gold cards and mysterious foreign enclaves I’ve never noticed in Xindian and whatnot.

But yeah one would imagine you’d see quite a few in Neihu given its probably the premier tech business park but …Nope. The old days were not like that I used to know quite a few doing ODM/OEM there.


Foreigners live more spread out now, but families with kids live close to the International schools mostly, not all tho.

You apparently weren’t paying attention.

I’ve known some who have lived there, but yeah it seems most view it as a place to shop and go to the movies more than a place to live. It is really weird that more AIT people don’t live there. I’m always surprised by how many of them still live in Yangming. I wouldn’t want to make that commute. Dazhi makes sense, though— I used to think Dazhi was part of Neihu, actually, because it all feels like one area to me.

Yes that must be it. Or you were paying too much attention to there instead of elsewhere. :nerd_face:

Uh-huh. Keep trying.

You didn’t even pay attention that I had lived in Tianmu. How is it possible you didn’t know that ? :laughing: