Is traffic the worst part of Taiwan's lingering third worldism?


Let’s just consider Taiwan third world so that the shitty stuff is acceptable? K?

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haha, you’re speaking like an ABT or a long time white expat! Make excuses for the most mediocre parts or Taiwan.

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That, and the shitty pollution… yes.

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Waving someone to go is always dangerous if they follow your lead blindly.
It’s traffic communication gone bad.

but yeah, there roads here are a fucking joke.


Not making excuses. You’re not going to go to a third world country and complain about how it sucks, are you?

Well, TBH, she was a pretty bad rider. multiple other bikes found the way through. the guy waving her on was frustrated that she sat like a deer in the headlights.

not his fault.

But to answer the question, No. Taiwan is not 3rd world because of the driving, it’s 3rd world because of the culture and the history.

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This guy agreed with me ^ so no more complaining =)

Taiwan will rise again, mfkz.

I’m ok if it doesn’t

Let’s just say about 1/4 or more of scooter drivers should not be driving, as they are just b-a-d. This coming from 30+ years of scooter driving experience.
That lady is a good example. Kind of got a chuckle as it was like a bumper car hit her.
And yes, if you have to “follow” other scooter drivers’ signals to do something, you should be taking a bus (or MRT if possible) to commute.


I guess I shouldn’t but that made me laugh xD

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It was the design of the road that caused it.

traffic circles are around the world, pardon the pun.
scooters have better acceleration over first 20-40m than do most cars. She’s an idiot scooter driver if she doesn’t know how to get around a traffic circle.

They aren’t easy to negotiate for scooters across multiple lanes of cars and other scooters, pretty obvious in the video!

It’s not third worldism. It’s the worst part of Taiwanese vanity. “I’m not a bad driver, you are a bad driver. If I was at fault why did you hit me?”


yea its the no.1 thing i dislike about taiwan. the fact i need to walk infront of a MOVING car while the light says WALK in order to get them to stop and let me walk is just not right.


Who has the Right of Way in Traffic? The bigger the car or more expensive the more you Own the road in Taiwan. Unless youre the Blue Truck then you own the road all the time
#1 Blue Trucks
#2 Luxury German Cars
#3 Trucks, Buses, SUVs
#4 Cars
#5 Scooters
#6 Pedestrians


#7 cyclists

The elderly are somewhere around #1 or #2.
They cross a crowded street like they’re going from the kitchen to the living room.


Im often shocked how many times I see other scooters merge right into oncoming traffic without looking left… They couldn’t be bothered to turn their heads one second to check prior to merging if theyll survive. They just assume all traffic will stop and not hit them… But then I see people wearing helmets that are unstrapped multiple times daily…WTF.

Dont know how many countless times Ive seen scooter crashes and in almost all cases the helmet comes off and there is bleeding from the head and they are unconscious…