Is visiting during Chinese New Year worth it?

I am deciding if I want to spend time in Taiwan during the Chinese New Year and am looking for info on the festivities. Anything cool happening, anywhere cool to go, or is it kind just a family-style holiday where everything is closed and nothing is going on. If it is way to busy to enjoy what is going on, if anything?

Thanks for the input.

Chinese NY is like Thanksgiving and Xmas in the US, but more things to do. Few selected stores will closed on the day of NY. Other than that, most of the stores will open, malls too. Nothing much happening other than that. It is usually for family to get together and play majong.

Usually CNY is the time when I run away and leave the country. Roads will be clogged so local travel isn’t an option and a lot of shops & restaurants close, so it will be pretty boring in town.

. . . and the weather positively sucks!


And you’ll get your ears blasted off by all the firecrackers going off every five steps and at every possible time of the day or night.