Is your boss a psycho?

Interesting article on the Independent site.
Professor Hare, who helps the FBI identify serial killers, has developed a test which can identify psychos in the office.


If you answer yes to three or more of these questions you could have a psycho boss:

  • Does the person make slick presentations that are too good to be true?
  • Have career goals that are ambitious but unrealistic?
  • Comes across with an inflated, almost grandiose self image?
  • Is hungry for money, power and status at any cost?
  • Has no clear life plan?
  • Takes credit for the work of others?
  • Borrows equipment and supplies promising to return them, but keeps them?
  • Flies into a rage, which dies down quickly, but continues as if nothing had happened?
  • Comes across as a thrillseeker? [/quote]
    Full article here

As I work for the government here, I consider A-bian as my ultimate boss. And yes, by God, with his slick presentations, unrealistic goals, inflated self image, hunger for status, taking of credit, and so on, he does qualify as a psycho according to your test! :shock:

But of course, I would never agree with such an assessment – so I can only assume that the test is fatally flawed.

My 2 current bosses aren’t psycho, thank God. But I have had the immense displeasure of working with psycho bosses like my first one, that Toesave later worked with at Kojen.


The guy I work for is absolutely not a psycho according to this definition. He doesn’t do anything anymore, has no goals, is not trying to be outrageously pompous, doesn’t explode into a rage, and does not seek thrills. However, he does lack a life plan at this point of his life… Why? Because he is 88, which explains why he doesn’t do anything because he has already achieved everything he wanted in his life.

However others definitely will have a much different opinion…

Who do I work for? I work for

Nah, my boss is not a psycho, he is just kind of dumb and stupid…

Of course my boss is a psycho…I’m married to her :laughing:.

According to this test, I’m a psycho.

I don’t have a boss. In fact, I’ve retired twice. HAHA, suffer you fools.
What’s that Dear? Get off the computer???