Is your Dog acting weird the last few days?

Just wondering.

For the last 2 1/2 years our pooch has slept soundly every night on his bed.

But, the last few days he’s been really restless. Sleeps for about 5 mins, and then walks around the house to a different spot, curls up then moves again, and on it goes. Strange. It’s making me restless and not sleeping well.

I remember reading somewhere that animals sense earthquakes quite advanced to when they occur, so after last week’s shudder it got me wondering if anyone else has noticed restlessness in their dog lately?

hmmm. :s

One of my dogs ran downstairs a couple of hours ago and hasn’t come back.

Maybe you farted, or it did. Yeah, the dog did it. :whistle:

Our walkway is always covered with small centipedes from the park. Ive been expecting the big one for weeks.

Was there a full moon at that time ? If so that is probably why.
Or he is in love with another dog.
Or there is a big earthquake coming and we are all going to die.
Or like the other poster said your farts stink, remember dogs have a sense of smell up to a 1000 times stronger than a human. So if your farts stink to you then think how he feels :smiley:

yeah, but dogs also eat shit and vomit. SO their tolerance is a wee bit different from ours. Truant’s farts may be why the dog loves him so much.

Jack’s farts are room levelers, and sometimes they even make a noise, so I doubt that is the issue.

I’m sure he’s trying to tell me something ain’t right. He’s particularly cuddly at the moment too. More than usual.

Maybe he just thinks meester and meesus Tru need some hugs just now, but good to get the vet to confirm everything is alright, I guess.

As for the seismic potential, hola! Let’s hope pooch and jd’s centipedes have got it wrong!


I don’t have a dog, but I noticed one in the park this morning that was scratching like mad . . . :saywhat:

911 virus is catchy.

There was some guy in San Francisco that predicted a big quake from the increase of missing dog ads in the newspaper.
BTW, just now 2 big ones in Indonesia…and 8.0 and a 7.8
Maybe your dog is telling you there is a big one coming to Taiwan…I think we are overdue.

yeah, Jack says to stock up on a flashlight, candles, water, and some tinned food.

Smart dog.

[quote=“Truant”]yeah, Jack says to stock up on a flashlight, candles, water, and some tinned food.

Smart dog.[/quote]

jack’s right. back up important computer files on a CD also and keep it near the door with your passport. Never know if you’ll get back in to your place.

Nope. Still dead.

Nope. Still dead.[/quote]

damn you can be funny sometimes :laughing: :bravo: :bravo: