Is your English or native language getting worst?


Has anyone notice that their English or native language getting a bit worst since living in Taiwan long term? I notice my spelling has gotten worst. I seriously need spell check all the time. And I speak almost chinglish, partly to accommodate people who don’t speak perfect English. So I kinda mimic the way they speak to make it easier if that makes sense. But I’ve started to have moments of chinglish skipping silly grammar rules. Like saying “why you never do this” instead of why do you not or why don’t you.


Yes. I have notice that my Greece is getting a bit worst.


In my case it is getting way more much worsterer.


It was but lately I’ve been reading more and listening to some interesting talks to get back up to where it was.


I like the TED Talks. Some very clever people speak there.


Although I suspect TED might not take him, I’ve been listening to some Jon Rapaport lately. This one in particular was really interesting:


Me English get worst? Unpossible!!


I usually only get worst at the German restaurants in Taipei.


My native language is French but it started a long time ago, since I left for Australia for 2 years back in 2010, slowly but steadily getting worse indeed :flushed:


My experience is the complete opposite of the OP’s. My English has actually improved because I need to be on top of my grammar game.


I’m guessing you’re teaching English? I did improve my grammar at the time. But now my speaking abilities, I wouldn’t say got worst. Maybe the better way to put it, I sometimes catch myself speaking in chinglish like locals who learned English here. It isn’t that I’m incapable of speaking ellaquently anymore, it’s more like I dumb down my speaking so others can understand.
Also teaching English for a short time messed up my spelling. I would write a sentence and word and keep looking at it and began to question if I spelled something right haha.


MY taiwanese sucks and my chinese is getting bad as well.
I do like gerworsttramminer wine now and zen

p.s. don’t ever learn mandarin, it f8cks up your english and vice versa.


It’s ok that your English is so terrible because the teaching in Taiwan is about tests. Your spelling is bad but your grammar is not too bad for a non-native speaker. Do you think about taking classes at something like TLI to improve your English?


? English is my native language.


Just checking: “getting worst” in the title is a joke, right? Instead of using “getting worse”? I smiled at the joke, but, um, then you wrote “got worst” again.

On spelling: I blame autocorrect for the decay in my spelling abilities.


First was a joke. The 2nd was def a mistake. It’s too easy to just type fast on the phone and not catch stupid mistakes on your phone. One thing I do like about the the new forumosa is the being able to use it on your phone easily vs the 2nd. But I suppose it’s another example. I rarely actually write in English. Actually I can’t think of the last time when I actually wrote anything but a few words in English. Typing just makes you lazy with auto correct and the internet is not formal enough to care enough about grammar mistakes as long as it sounds right.


I don’t agree that “internet is not formal enough to care enough about grammar mistakes as long as it sounds right.” because if you write like a child people will not take you serious.


Ελληνικά μιλάς;


Ποτέ δεν είπα ότι τα αγγλικά μου είναι καλά.


Native English speaker…well, my English speaking and writing level is definitely getting worse after 18 years in Taiwan. I admit my overall English ability/level was never very high (I know people with excellent command of English).

Meanwhile, my knowledge of grammar rules is better due to some English editing work.