ISO: USED Low budget Learner Motorcycle >200 CC in Taipei Area



I am an English Teacher here in Keelung. I am looking for a low budget >20000 TWD motorcycle, preferably from a store. I will be riding motorcycles for the first time. Would like a good area of Taipei I can look at and possible purchase around Taipei. I don’t need a decent deal just something in my price range. Used motorcycles obviously. I am just not sure where all of the shops are located. I don’t speak or read Chinese so ordering from ruten or yahoo auctions doesn’t seem probable.I like KYMCO, YAMAHA, and SYM - but really don’t know a lot about bikes. I have driven a scooter over the last year but just sold it. I don’t care if it is a ghost, as I won’t have my ARC for another month anyway and am unsure how long I will stay. A wolf 125cc would be perfect for my needs, I mostly just want something relativly safe that can go the distance while I am here.

Cheers if you have any advice about where to purchase, or bike types that would be good.