Israel declares state of war after terrorist attacks

Breakthrough in hostage deal could come in next 48-72 hours: Israeli source
A senior Israeli political source said Tuesday that progress has been made on a hostage deal and a breakthrough could come in the next 48-72 hours.
The Israeli War Cabinet is meeting Tuesday night to discuss the deal, the source said.
Israeli officials have said as many as 239 Israelis are being held captive by Hamas in Gaza.

We shall see.

And this is why I watch AJ.

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Does that surprise you? I cant see the Facebook link you gave, I guess it needs a Facebook account, but I suspect there’s a fair few singing along who are clueless.

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Most of them, if we’re talking about Western progressives. Not antisemetic, just following their peers and signaling their virtue

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Some more

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This is some really insightful analysis


Always nice to see something that is consistent with what I think and have been posting.

This is only the second time I have watched a video on this topic, and I’m only halfway through, but I have enjoyed IB’s writing and here he keeps saying what I want [people] to hear.

Big Think has great content generally, I even made a thread that doesn’t get as much love as it deserves.

I see 1421 on the bookshelf there, has anyone here read it?

With friends like these:

Iran tells Hamas it will not enter the war with Israel (

“When you wake up the bear with such an attack, it’s quite difficult for your allies to stand in the same position as you.”

IDF found Hamas weapons, tech in Shifa hospital, but no smoking gun - The Jerusalem Post (

IDF Chief Spokesperson R.-Adm. Daniel Hagari on Wednesday night presented Hamas weapons, military equipment, and intelligence technology which IDF soldiers found in more than 18 hours of searching Shifa Hospital since the early morning.
However, at press time, the IDF’s findings were not the same level “smoking gun” as the vast explosives, advanced weapons, and hostage holding room which it found at Rantisi Hospital just a few days earlier.
In addition, no senior Hamas officials were found, and other than five Hamas terrorists killed as the IDF entered the hospital, there was no dramatic gunfight on Wednesday as has occurred at other symbols of Hama’s rule.

I think this is great news. They bugged out and they’re losing. The crazy part is that Rantisi had all the smoking guns. Isn’t that enough? :idunno:

Here’s another one with the same idea, and it makes me think they just want a quick and neat war movie end to all this.

Shifa Hospital anticlimax – 200 Hamas forces evaporate into thin air? - The Jerusalem Post (

The IDF announced zero arrests and even foreign media only mentioned two arrests, with five Hamas terrorists being killed just outside the hospital, but none inside – not even a single gunfight.

What? No babies killed in a massive Alamo like standoff? That’s not good for media relations.

Knowing this, there were high expectations from defense analysts once the Gaza invasion started in late October, that the IDF would make a priority of taking over Shifa Hospital to unmask it and Hamas’s vast tunnel network and military apparatus there as soon as possible.

So, now the spin is that the IDF didn’t get in there faster? Maybe if Bibi didn’t have to fight the calls for immediate ceasefire and humanitarian pauses and this and that, and the Hezbollah rockets from the North and the Yemen rockets from the south, and the Rahfa border crossing fuckstory, they could have gotten in there and killed more human shields. I mean, that IS what’s missing from this let down of a story, right? There were no massive civilian deaths, I mean outside of the parking lot thing. It’s a war. Not Hollywood.

Securing the hospital, closing off the tunnels and getting the ER and ICU and NICU up and running again are going to be way easier now. But, I guess that’s not a good enough story. :doh: :doh: :doh:

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The official told reporters that the hospital’s youngest patients – dozens of premature babies – are in a building of the complex not where Israeli troops are currently operating. Israeli soldiers delivered incubators and baby food at the front gate of the hospital in hopes that the staff there would take them, according to the official.

Ah, that’s so boring. That’s not news.

Also, the hospital is massive. Let’s give the IDF time to sweep it .

The official said Israeli forces are currently operating only in “one area” of the hospital but warned that they will enter other areas as needed. The IDF has “no intention” of sending its soldiers to fight “among the patients or the active personnel of the hospital,” according to the official.

Boooooring. :roll_eyes:

Now THIS is news!

BBC apologises as presenter mistakenly says Israel is ‘targeting medical staff and Arab speakers’ - YouTube

Working through the hospital:

The Israel Defense Forces releases evidence of Hamas weapons found inside Shifa Hospital during a raid in the medical center today.

What children watch in Gaza


Someone should tell them it would be like shouting Bin Laden is a hero for 9/11 and supporting Hamas and those who want to remove Israel from the river to the sea.

There’s no telling these folk anything, @TT briefly outlined who they are. They have 3 inch thick adamantium coated craniums impervious to logic and facts and to top off their infuriating existence are always convinced they are right about everything and it is you who are misinformed.

In this case two seconds after explaining what the river to the sea means they will tell you (after running to someone for help) it actually means living free from confinment and living at peace and harmony with the Israelis. If you keep pushing the actual meaning they will call you a racist bigot who doesn’t get to define what minority slogans mean.

Dont even try. :grinning:


Such things are white supremacy, e.g.


Looking forward to the BBC saying the IDF planted these weapons.

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The BBC are a shit sandwich. Every side claims they are biased. I think the BBC are generally pretty fair.

They were “fair” once upon a time. Certainly not during this conflict.

Of course the evil MSM call things wrong sometimes, and there is almost certainly some political bias at play. However, I generally trust the BBC, with a dose of critical thinking chucked in.

Apologising for misreporting is a start.

How long did it run for? Long enough to be recorded and sent around the world a million times to a billion morons?

Truth and trousers.

EDIT: pants. I apologise