Israel declares state of war after terrorist attacks

Shit is about to get wild.


While I don’t agree with everything Israel does. Hamas seems tactically brain dead. I bet they went home and cheered for allah for shooting some rockets to exterminate the Jews. Israel will certain fuck them and their people up to see their god now :melting_face:


And here they are celebrating. IDF will hunt them down like dogs for sure.



It’s apparently really bad. Aside from the 5,000 rockets, Hamas terrorists have infiltrated a bunch of border towns and military bases in the south and are summarily executing people house to house. They got in through hang gliders, which seems like a huge intelligence failure.

My theory is they’re trying to draw Israel into a prolonged war in order to botch the Saudi peace deal as they sense most ME powers are turning away from them. But this will most certainly be their end.


I agree with everything Israel does. And look forward to watching retribution X10000

Song gives me a hard on.

(111) National Anthem of Israel - Beautiful Version (English Subtitles) - YouTube


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Latest reports at least 600 Israelis injured, and 22 dead. Surely that number will rise. Sounds like a real FUBAR situation in the south. Hamas is going to get glassed.

I’ll pretty much agree with anything they do to retaliate at this point. Hamas has gone too
far and deserves everything they have coming to them.


I used to have a few Palestinian friends.

One of them used to bully me endlessly until I told them about my conversion (at the time in high school) then he became buddy buddy.

But the lot of them loves to whine and moan about how they don’t have a country, Israel is evil and murders them by the dozen, etc.

I’m not sure what to believe honestly because if you tried to have an objective reading of the situation in the US, you’ll piss a lot of people off. Everyone has their story and do NOT like to be contradicted. But basically the Hamas thinks Israeli are baby killers and so justifies them to do whatever (shoot rockets, execute civilians, whatever), and of course when Israel responds, Hamas use this as more justification to murder more. Rest of the Arab world don’t seem to care too much about them, yet they still bankroll various terrorist groups who allow their women and children to be killed when Israel responds, just so they can justify more rocket attack.

I kinda left that crap behind and would prefer to bury it in the scrap bins of history.


What Hamas does is horrible but the overreaction each time from Israel is concerning.


Just saw the news.

Let the wild rumpus start.

Catch me up, who supplies the Hamas with weapons these days? :idunno:

And this is just sweet:

Hezbollah congratulated Hamas on Friday, praising the attack as a response to “Israeli crimes” and saying the militants had “divine backing.”


FAFO shouldn’t apply to civilians who are usually the ones who get it. I’m all for going in and taking care of militants in targeted strikes.

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There’s no way to end it. A single death will get the entire country killing more and the cycle continues.

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Maybe you should write an op ed piece expressing your concerns.

And civilians? Hamas uses them as shields. Been that way for decades and longer. They’re fucked either way. Unless you were talking about the Israeli civilians killed in the sneak attack.

But I don’t think you were. Were you?


That’s the point. Hamas is almost like the Vietcong or the NVA, or the IJA/IJN where they just do not care about their civilians but will use their deaths to justify further attacks. They will win at any cost, even if it means killing more of their own.

Best thing the West can do is get the fuck out of the Middle East because they will just keep killing each other over any reason they can think of.

Most of the civilians support this shit unfortunately (look no further than Andrew’s post above). Efforts should be made to spare them when possible, but war always involves human collateral. Perhaps Hamas should’ve given more of a shit about their own people before getting their entire “country” involved in a suicide mission.


What have they ever won?

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BBC is reporting at least 40 Israelis dead and over 700 wounded. And there’s many communities they still can’t reach. Not to mention all the soldiers they abducted. This will be Israel’s 9/11 when all is said and done, and their response will be as extreme as the US’s after that attack. Hopefully they’re more successful at eradicating Hamas/Islamic Jihad than the US was at destroying the Taliban/Al Qaeda.


Nothing. It’s like Game of Thrones. Always constant war with different people continuing the war.

Weird thing is how disunited the Arab world is though. They all hate Israel (or say they do) but yet they seem to hate each other more.

They were a threat when they were united under Islam though.

Islamic terrorists are such cowards to always attack on holidays.