Istanbul Restaurant - Turkish in Taiwan

Does anyone know about a Turkish restaurant in Taipei? Where is it and what’s it like? Anyone?

Hi Sandman,
The Turkish restaurant is on Yen Chi b[/b] St. between Renai and Hsin Yi b[/b]. Menu is a bit limited - but the combo plate is good and not a bad price. Good place to go for a change.

No beer though!

I found out a bit more: Its called Instanbul (inspired, huh?) and you can find it by going north on Guangfu South Rd. until you come to Xinyi Rd. Cross Xinyi and continue north on Yanji St., which comes out on Xinyi just immediately to the left of Guangfu.

It is called “Istanbul Restaurant”
#242-3 Yen Chi b[/b] St.

I found the address in the Taipei Times.

For what it’s worth, I ate there a few weeks ago and thought the food was fine, but as someone mentioned, the menu is limited but that was not so bad. The soup however was bad.

It is a very casual kind of place. The restaurant is in a converted ground floor apartment. Home style turkish food at a reasonable price NT$250~350 for set menus.

Originally posted by mergatroid on June 22nd: There is a restaurant called the Istanbul Restaurant in Taibei 02.2703.8968 on [i]Yen Chi[/i] (Yanji) Street No. 242-3 and what's interesting about this place, in addition to the great food, is the advert in the Taibei Times.

The tag line reads: “The first and the only Turkish on the island!”

Does this mean Turkish bath, Turkish restaurant, Turkish whatever? The advert just says the best and only TURKISH on the island? What does that mean?

I emailed the joint and told the owners that it might be better to have the advert say “Turkish restaurant” rather than just “Turkish” and he emailed me back with a long treatise in Turkish, I kid you not, that was Greek to me. I have no idea what it said. But meanwhile the miswritten advert remains in the Times each week.

Maybe someone here can call the place and ask the owner what the word TURKISH is qualifiying. Is is an adj or is it a noun? Well, the food is great and the service is nice.

I guess they mean something like “the first and only Chinese on the island” [substitute Japanese, Vietnamese or any other ethnic food you want here…] Is it okay to call Turkish food just “Turkish?” Let’s go eat Turkish tonight? I guess so, but then again, I am not Turkish.

They closed the downtown restaurant, apparently to move to Tienmou. Does anyone know where they moved to?