IT Expert

In 1981 I was given and learned to program a Sinclair ZX-81. On that simple beginning I’ve built a very long, extraordinarily diverse, and highly respected IT career. I have filled nearly every role available on IT teams, both big and small, and have worked for a wide variety of clients and industries that include the U.S. Navy, Wall Street investment firms, innovative health care companies, restaurant chains, publishing conglomerates, real estate companies, cable television and telecommunications companies, the automative, insurance and automobile loan industries, airlines, the energy industry, and educational services.

I am currently focusing on providing four services to very select clients:

  1. Design and development of high-performance Internet systems built on a proprietary platform of PERL, PHP, MySQL, memcached, and gearman.
  2. Creation of Microsoft .Net (Forms, Web, and WPF) applications leveraging Amazon AWS features and functionality.
  3. Optimization of business-critical SQL Server installations.
  4. Analysis and re-engineering of existing enterprise systems.

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