It is always good to tell a woman, that she looks good

How do you let your SO (significant other) know that you appreciate them.

Guess what DOESN’T work too well.

" No it’s not the dress that makes you look fat, it’s the FAT that makes you look fat "

I appreciate her like crazy, and it shows in my actions, my words and my eyes. I don’t have to try to show it.

Not if your wife overhears, it isn’t! :noway:

You really shouldn’t spoil them, they will just get use to it.

Not if your wife overhears, it isn’t! :noway:[/quote]

Sure its good, it is a good way to start World War III.

You’re looking so good, I want to rip your clothes off, throw you on the bed, and make passionate love to you RIGHT NOW.

Who knows, that line might actually work, if you try it…though the times I’ve tried it on random women on the MRT, I’ve generally gotten slapped (thought that one time was very nice…) but on a girl that actually was my girlfriend, I expect it to work.

(and if, seriously, if you don’t feel that way about your woman sometimes, then it’s time to find a new girlfriend, because the feeling just ain’t there)

I know we usually do this in the back, but I want to officially nominate ac_dropout for D&R Mod. :bravo:

may i second the motion then …

even though i normally do things to let my girl know shes important to me…